Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,


Ut oh, they played the elitist card again! Oh noes! This is about as funny as The Reverend Jesse Jackson constantly playing the Racist Card.

Here's a hint folks. Stop. Just stop. Because that person that you're bitching about, yeah, the one you're calling an ignorant, blind, close minded bigot. Guess what. You folks don't have all the facts. You don't have all the information. And you are BLINDLY and IGNORANTLY following this person along to make them feel better about the FANTASY that they're living.

And living a FANTASY is NOT healthy. Period. Being a therianthrope is not a game. It's not a label. It's not a fad. It's not something fun to do on Saturday nights. It's not playing pretend. It's not playing dress up. It's not a coping mechanism for your shitty childhood. It's not a religion. It's not something you can practice. It's not something you can become. It's a state of being.

Anyone that tells you otherwise, anyone that gives you faked confidence that you're right and everyone else is wrong, anyone that says whatever to make you feel better, they're lying to you. They're lying to you, for you, and they don't understand therianthropy whatsoever. It's not "elite" for those of us who understand it to call you out when you're playing pretend or being stupid. We're not elite when we give you several chances to explain yourself. YOU, however are BEING STUPID. And now you're calling foul when you're called OUT of the game.

If you want to poison the community of therianthropy by calling yourself one, just so you can get a cute little fucking label on SecondLife and pretend you belong with people who actually CARE about therianthropy, then make your own fucking group. Make your own fucking group and your own fucking definition, and make it a big fucking fuck fest so you and your fucking idiot friends can screw each other with penis shaped bricks. Yeah, that's your right.

It's your right to whine on the only therianthropy community on LJ full of posers, morons, idiots, fakers, and wannabes. It's your right to not give them all the information so they naturally defend you in a sheeplike manner.

It's our right to call you an idiot when you do this. And it's also our right to prevent you from poisoning the communities with stupidity.

Edit: Just felt the need to add this. This is about the drug thing. Yeah some people take drugs for vision quests and other stupidity. First of all, therianthropy and shamanism are two different things. Secondly, I don't have to be open about ANYTHING just because I'm a therianthrope. That's stupid too. Third, How many of these fuckers who are *taking* drugs and *have* these visions are actively studying shamanistic rituals just like the people they're pretending to be? Huh? How many treat shamanism religiously, taking into account ALL The aspects of it? If you're just taking drugs to get visions about whatever animal you are, you're a McShaman. You're a McTherian. And you're an idiot. And those of you who think it's okay because Shamans do it. Shame on you. How ignorant and low can you people go? These kids online are NOT doing it for Shamanism. They are not trained for many years in this art and skill. They are not treating shamanism with the RESPECT it deserves. They're just getting high and looking for pretty pictures to make themselves feel better. That is NOT shamanism. That is an EXCUSE and a PATHETIC one. Oh of course because the /shamans/ do it, taking any kind of funky drug and pretending it's a ritual makes it ALL okay! All the pot smokers are shamans too, oh yes. They're the shamans of cannibi. And the crack whores, they're not really crack whores. They're the Bitch Doctors of the StreetCorner. All hail them! And of course because Shamans took drugs, it's okay for them to take drugs and believe whatever they see as an actual spiritual experience as well!

Shame, pitiful shame on you. I feel sorry for the real shamans that know what they're doing, and have these idiot kids take drugs and ignorant sunny-day friends back them up.

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