July 31st, 2014


Don't Do This: Fun With Obsessive Commissioners

I haven't gotten to post one of these in ages! But this one had kind of a long buildup.

See I do livestream commissions now. Thankfully the vast majority of my commissioners are really cool people. They let me do my own thing for the most part and that usually results in way better artwork. But every now you just get someone that well.. ain't right in the head.

In this case we have someone that seems to suffer from some obsessive/compulsive behavior. I grew up in a household that had a family member with extreme OCD. Suffice to say this did not make particularly tolerant to this behavior. On the contrary, it's made it so I have zero tolerance for it.

So naturally when someone starts treating me as if I'm their personal servant because they have OCD, I get MIGHTY pissed off.

[This is really long]

So this started earlier this year, I'd say around March or April 2014. Every Friday and Saturday nights, I do these Livestream Commissions. For the most part it's First-Come, First-Serve, however I do pick and choose which commissions I'm willing to take, and especially I'll take a multiple character commission over a single (Because it's more money for me). Anyway I get a lot of people that want in on the stream.

This person tried for a couple of weeks to get a 5 pic lineart transformation commission. Now for the most part, I can easily do 5 linearts in the 1.5 hr timeslot. Sketching usually only takes 5-10 minutes per pic, and the Lineart only takes about 5-10min more. Up until this point I've never ran out of time on any commission I've done.

So during the stream I'm doing the sketches, and things just aren't perfect enough apparently. And I have to keep changing things. And keep changing things. And keep changing things. I finally get to the lineart and I'm having to work very, very quickly to try to get it done before the time is up. Apparently this person is *very* obsessive about how certain fictional species tails should look. And this caused even more delays on the lineart process. It started to sound like she wanted to change some of the poses after I already started on the lineart (This is a no-no). At some point I actually told her that I am running out of time, and if they keep telling me to change stuff, I won't be able to finish. It got so bad that this was the first commission ever that got cut off because of time. And Linearts are usually the ones I can easily finish with almost half an hour to spare.

So I finish it offstream and mail it to them. Usually when people get multiple lineart pics, I send them one picture with all the lineart images on it. No this person wanted them individually.

She comes into the livestream during the next session. I am busy trying to work with a customer that was a new customer for me, which means I have to ask them a lot of questions to get an idea of what they want. So I'm trying to juggle between that fellow and then this bitch comes in and interrupts with the following exchange:

Keep in mind that I was trying to talk to the commissioner during this exchange, which I've removed from this log for clarity's sake.

OCDBitch: Jakkal, can y ou send me individual files from my commission please?
Jakkal: Yeah, can you email me asking for it? Otherwise I'll forget when I'm done with the stream. jakkal@gmail.com
OCDBitch: I did send a email almost 2 weeks ago asking the same thing
Jakkal: Sorry, I must have missed it
OCDBitch: good, can you send them now pleae, so you wont miss it.. again?

One thing I don't like to do while I'm live streaming is bringing up my email while I'm streaming (People don't need to see the horror of my inbox). But the fact that she's wanting me to stop what I'm doing, and email these things to her just shows what kind of personality she has. I was in the middle of a fucking livestream commission for god's sake.

Jakkal: I can't while I'm streaming

So she stopped for a little bit, and then she piped up with:

OCDBitch: Jakkal, when you have a chance, can you fix a part, or few on my commission please

Okay see. These are sketch commissions. They are not refined commissions. I don't spend hours trying to get the anatomy right, using a lot of references, and generally try to work the subject into a masterpiece. These are sketches that are done fairly quickly, and that's that. I don't do refinements on them later. Especially after someone wanted so many constant changes on their pics that they made me run out of time.

I actually went ahead and did the refinement on this one because they wanted the pic colored anyway so it wasn't a big deal to edit it slightly. But I do not offer that kind of thing for the LSC.

Jakkal: I don't normally edit pics once they're done. If it's easy I can look at it.

I was still trying to be nice during this stage.

OCDBitch: The fix.. I guess its a easy fix, just wish you saw it.

Okay look, this is not for you to determine. You are paying me to do this work because I have a skill you lack. I'm sorry I don't see things in psychoic perfectionist vision about fucking FICTIONAL creatures. In this case there was nothing wrong with the way it was drawn, she just wanted it done in a slightly different way that she didn't mention in the sketching stage of it.

OCDBitch: Jakkal, would you have a spot open tomorrow for some coloring?

So then she just keeps going. And she wanted to take up a slot to do the coloring in her pic. I do the coloring offstream so they don't take up a stream slot for it. But remember, all this is going on while I'm trying to do my work, and trying to coordinate with the person that I'm supposed to be working for at this moment in time.

Jakkal: No, all the spots are full
And not to mention all the slots were *full*. I don't think she gave a shit about that.

OCDBitch: if a spot is open
OCDBitch: Put me down for next weekend then please
Jakkal: I need to focus on this pic.

At this point I wanted nothing to do with her because it was becoming exceedingly difficult to try to keep up with what I was doing, mixed with her constant interruptions. So I had to tell her like it was. At this point I also didn't let people sign up early because I had a problem with no-shows and then no one would fill in those extra slots. So she keeps demanding I do things that I don't normally allow. Someone just has to have it her way.

Skip up to last weekend's livestream session. This exchange happened during the stream:
(Keep in mind that it starts with newest at the top, so the ones on the bottom came first)

The underlined are her comments:

Someone's getting her panties in a twist because no one's answering her. One fellow did ask what she was talking about, but apparently that wasn't good enough for her majesty. At this point in the livestream, I only had like 9 people watching. Most of them don't speak. And I very rarely look at the LS chat if I'm communicating to my commissioner in another way (Vent or IRC is very common). I didn't see her post at all. Though I really don't /want/ her in vent at this point.

I also love the way she plays off the miscommunication by lying about being in another chat. I don't really know how you can mistake one chat for LS's chat. That's pretty obvious.

So after that, someone was pretty upset, and she decided to take it to notes on FA! How dare I ignore her!

Here's the exchange:
OCDBitch: Would you prefer I dont come into the stream anymore? Seems like I am unwanted.
Jakkal: I have no idea what you're talking about.
OCDBitch: Being ignored by everyone is not fun. Like im invisible.

If everyone is ignoring you, then the problem is not with everyone.
Jakkal: I have no control over what the others do in the chat.
OCDBitch: You do it as well.

Shots fired. Guys, I'm sorry, I had no idea it was my responsibility to STOP EVERYTHING I'M DOING, such as working on a timed commission so I can answer this dumb bitch's question that she could answer for herself if she played back the first ten minutes of the stream.

Jakkal: I don't know if you ever noticed during my livestreams. But I'm rather busy while I'm doing them. I very rarely look at the chat, especially if the commissioner is not communicating to me via the LS chat. There is no need for you to take offense to this or take it to heart. I frankly don't have time for that kind of bullshit.

She didn't reply after that.

Until, I posted the list for this week's livestream! So she sent me an email along with several others that wanted slots. I go over each one and decide what I want to take, and when all things are equal, it's first-come, first serve. But I also have the right to refuse service, or have the right to cherry pick the commissions I want to take.

Someone that had been a very loyal commissioner, and a Patreon donator, wanted the last available slot. He emailed me after OCDBitch, but frankly between the two there was no contest. This guy gets dibs, period. He also wanted a multiple character commission, which means more income for me. And Sat #3 is the best slot to get multiple character commissions. It gives me plenty of time to work on them so they're not rushed. Ironically OCDBitch wanted a picture of my loyal commissioner's character. (Another thing I don't really like doing but this fellow doesn't seem to mind it if others pay to get his OC drawn).

So after some discussion with him, I put him down for that slot. It was late at night (even for me) so I decided to quickly put his name on that slot and I went to bed.

Guess who threw a fit about it?

I get up the next day and I'm greeted to this email:

OCDBitch: Was I even close to getting the last slot? Wish you got back to me.

This is not a fucking contest to see who wins.

I made the mistake of replying to her at all, but I sent her this hopefully to clarify things with her:

Jakkal: I get several emails as soon as the signup sheet goes first. Sometimes there is a back and forth between myself and commissioner before I can assign them the slot. Often times the emails come in while I'm AFK so they don't get updated right away.

Obviously I was gibberishing because I'm still half awake. That should be 'as soon as the signup sheet goes up.' Yes I just now noticed that.

OCDBitch: Could you please tell me what ******** is having done, or if it is close to the email idea I had sent you?

Whoa whoa whoa. You dare to ask me what another commissioner is getting? Go fuck yourself. I am absolutely not discussing what another commissioner is getting. I didn't reply to this email directly because there was no reason to.

OCDBitch: What time did *******'s come in and what time did mine? I was talking to him, and he told me his was sent an hour AFTER mine was sent.

See why I get the stalker/OCD vibes from her? She went so far as to contact him to ask. I guess she really enjoys feeling like the victim and then lashing out at everyone about it.

Jakkal: Alright let me explain how this process works.

I check my email a few times a night. I don't obsessively click refresh waiting for the emails to come in. I get a lot of emails for the slots and I generally take them first come first serve. Except when ******* emailed me, he had a much better offer than the normal livestream commission which meant more income for me. Normally I don't like to talk about what commissioners are getting, but since you seem irrationally obsessive about it and have harassed him too, then I'll say at least this much. What he wanted to do was more income for me and that's why I picked him over you. It took some back and forth between us to make sure it was something I could do so I gave him a slot.

******* is also a long time commissioner that's gotten several commissions from me in the past, and he's a Patreon donator. That gives him a very distinct leg up over others who may want the slot.

So you need to chill out, grow up, and just deal with the fact you didn't get the slot. Stop acting like a fucking obsessed child about it, because I for one am not going to tolerate this behavior.

That slot is now open. No you cannot have it.

OCDBitch: </b> You could of just said, a long time commissioner took it, and if one opens up it is yours. I would of understood. I had asked for it first, yet it went to him and felt it was not fair. What am I supposed to think?</b>

No, I don't need to tell you anything. Understand this clearly. I don't need to justify or verify anything with you. I didn't reply to this one. So she sent another one!

OCDBitch: He never mentioned how you went back and forth about it. I only knew he sent it 1hr after mine was sent in. Yes I asked him what was going on, and what was happening. Im not acting like a obsessed child over it. I just wanted to know what the fuck was going on. It is pretty shitty of you to give that slot, when I was first and what you have posted on your journal its first come first serve.

Someone's flipping their shit!

Jakkal: The fact that you keep replying to this and hounding me about it proves that you're acting like an obsessed child. If you actually read my Livestream rules, it states that Patreon donators have first dibs. I also reserve the right to refuse to take a commission at my own discretion.

It is not posted on my journal that it is first come first serve. It is not posted on my rules first come first serve. The only place that is posted is in my FA general information section which is generally the way it works.

Life ain't fair sunshine. I am not required to email you back for any reason, I am not required to explain to you or justify my actions in any way. I ultimately decide what commissions I take and from whom I take them. I chose *******'s over yours. And now that you've been aggressively hounding me about it, I do not ever wish to take a commission from you now or in the future.

Congrats, now you're going to be ignored.

And that's when I decided this needed to be a Don't Do This segment.

Seriously, Don't Do This.

I do not handle self-important, obsessive people very well at all.

For all the others that have missed making a slot, I have offered them first dibs on the next week's slot. I was not about to give this person that option. I just cannot stand this kind of behavior and I'm certainly not going to reward them for it. No way.

So now she can go off and happily be the victim knowing I will not take a commission from her again.