October 1st, 2015


My tweets

  • Wed, 16:18: Ugn, I'm so tired.
  • Wed, 16:35: I actually have two cars at the shop right now. An oldsmobile and the S10. The olds needs a lot of work, but it can wait.
  • Wed, 17:08: A while back, I got Doobie a large Kong bone (The bigger, blacker bone). It's really difficult getting the kong treats in it.
  • Wed, 17:08: So I just stuffed it with carrots and peanut butter and stuck it in the freezer. I bet he'll love it now.
  • Wed, 17:43: The shop just called and they think it's either a bad or clogged fuel injector. They can't do the cleaning of the injector itself.
  • Wed, 20:03: The S10 is now at the chevy dealership, awaiting a diagnostic. It will probably be there until Monday.
  • Wed, 20:26: S10 Troubles Continued - The mechanics I took it to believe they have narrowed the problem down to the fuel... http://t.co/I6SfYzMR3D
  • Wed, 20:30: Meanwhile, I gave Doobie his frozen treat. He keeps licking at it furiously and staring at me like, "Why, why did you do this to me?"
  • Wed, 20:40: Photo: …This is really pathetic, Tumblr. http://t.co/WUzUWDGLgB
  • Wed, 21:29: Doobie is still trying to get the carrot stuck in the middle of the Kong. This is a wonderful distraction for him.
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