September 23rd, 2016


My tweets

  • Thu, 14:59: Yay, it's officially autumn! My favorite season! #AutumnalEquinox
  • Thu, 15:05: I used the Companion to sketch out Kaerwyn page 57. Got to sit on the couch doing it. Awesome.
  • Thu, 15:52: Anyone know if there's a way to set up a live stream that only @Patreon patrons can see? That's something I'd like to do, but no idea how
  • Thu, 17:54: Just made lunch. Garlic butter cream sauce + gnocchi = awesome. I mean it's seriously good. Only took a few minutes to make.
  • Thu, 19:08: Huh, just caught this
  • Thu, 23:26: RT @malamoot: If you want to help, donations direct to PayPal are available more quickly and cost me less [DM me] but GFM is
  • Thu, 23:38: Just made some packaged chicken tortellini & added my garlic butter cream sauce to it. $7 meal for two. Really good. Not much time to make
  • Thu, 23:38: And now, back to work on commissions.
  • Thu, 23:41: RT @arthur_affect: Ok so our actions only matter if the consequences persist 5 billion years into the future. Puts a lot back on the table…
  • Thu, 23:54: Here's the chicken tortelloni that I bought, it goes really well with the garlic cream sauce. Good fast, cheap meal.
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