January 18th, 2017


My tweets

  • Tue, 18:30: I will be making my first prime rib tonight!
  • Tue, 19:32: RT @TheOnion: Republicans Vow Not To Repeal Obamacare Without Detailed Plan For Disposing Of Patients’ Disease-Ridden Corpses https://t.co/
  • Tue, 22:10: Well they didn't have the rib roast for my prime rib, so I had to get eye of round. Hope this works out okay.
  • Tue, 23:57: Hm, there is smoke everywhere. This might not have been a good idea.
  • Wed, 00:02: Looks like the olive oil hit its smoke point. Had to lower the temp on the roast.
  • Wed, 01:09: Mmm, despite the smoke, the roast came out really nice. Super juicy, perfect medium rare. Very tasty.
  • Wed, 01:39: "The Realm of Kaerwyn Issue 10 Page 103" by @JakkalWolf https://t.co/aU4TYqY4jN
  • Wed, 01:45: Just a reminder: If your character has hooves, and stands on the hoof, it's unguligrade, not digitigrade. See this a lot.
  • Wed, 05:08: Oh boy #PokemonGO , this really makes me wanna play more. https://t.co/A9nlXHMLdP