February 6th, 2017


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  • Sun, 16:04: RT @michael_w_busch: United States: If you want safe water, safe air, and rivers that don't catch fire, tell Congress to vote against this.…
  • Sun, 16:05: Alright, who's ready for another Art Flood? Jeez, I'm not, I just woke up.
  • Sun, 16:42: I am getting the pics ready for upload though. I have to put my watermark on them and save them as jpgs. Commissioners get PNG files.
  • Sun, 19:57: Anyone notice how accepting ppl are of transgender characters being who they really are, but if a char gets TFed, "he's better off that way"
  • Sun, 22:31: RT @MichaelSkolnik: Few days ago I wrote how Trump knew #MuslimBan was unconstitutional, but would use it to discredit judicial system. Tod…
  • Sun, 22:49: Ugn, okay, I think that's all of September's commissions uploaded to my galleries.
  • Mon, 01:03: I modified my chicken and wild rice recipe just a bit. It came out waaay better, and much easier to make too. Might actually be cheaper.
  • Mon, 01:27: RT @AprilDelRario: Melania's 2 week subsidy: $14M Food Stamps 2 week subsidy: $97 My name is April. I'm on Food Stamps & the @GOP thinks…
  • Mon, 04:16: Judgement time https://t.co/oiaHznYWaV
  • Mon, 04:52: "Chicken and Wild Rice II" by @JakkalWolf https://t.co/1QGErUnFvL
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