September 14th, 2017


My tweets

  • Wed, 19:17: I'm on the way to the dealership to pick up the S10. They have a free ride service.
  • Wed, 20:48: Anyway, S10 is home, it's running better. She* is a good Trucky. *Or he, who am I to judge its gender?
  • Wed, 21:04: I also have to pay my estimated taxes this month, $500, so this has been a very expensive month.
  • Wed, 21:34: Nowadays, everytime I see a white person, I wonder if they're racist. Everytime I see a non-white person, I wonder if they think I'm racist.
  • Wed, 23:11: RT @Mikel_Jollett: So Trump thinks NAZIS with guns are exercising free speech but a citizen criticizing HIM isn't?
  • Thu, 00:39: Just got done macerating cherries. That might sound kinky, but the result left my kitchen looking like a murder scene. I guess also kinky.
  • Thu, 01:17: RT @ai_valentin: @inktober The worst art habit is being made to feel like your art isn't good enough because of your use of a medium that's…
  • Thu, 01:34: Inktober needs a better PR person. Not only is this incorrect and disingenuous, it's also a huge load of biased hor…
  • Thu, 01:54: RT @SydWeiler: Drawing, improving and making new friends through this community will be a FULL ENOUGH experience, no matter what medium you…
  • Thu, 02:11: RT @LionintheTrees: You want to do Inktober digitally? Do it. Want to do it analog? Do it. Tattoo artist and you want tattoos to be your "i…
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