September 25th, 2017


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  • Sun, 14:51: RT @faguettte: Being an artist is literally so expensive yet y'all have the nerve to ask for free commissions and complain when prices are…
  • Sun, 16:40: RT @NASA: 150 million light-years from Earth lies 1 of 2 known spiral galaxies where astronomers can see its corona. Details:
  • Sun, 16:44: Well, the house we were looking into renting is no longer on Craigslist. I guess he found someone to take it. One less worry for me.
  • Sun, 19:45: About to upload and oh look.
  • Sun, 21:03: Uploading art actually hurts my wrist more than drawing. So many text fields I have to fill out.
  • Sun, 21:20: @DeviantArt 's FTP uploader makes it really easy to upload batches of pics. Though it seems a little glitchy in Firefox. Still, nice to have
  • Sun, 21:22: RT @commondefense: As veterans we stood up to defend America's most essential freedoms. Today we kneel. #VetsForKaepernick #TakeAKnee ht…
  • Sun, 21:49: And that should be it for Dec 2016 commissions. Still have all of 2017 to upload :|
  • Sun, 21:50: RT @JordanUhl: fuck him up, faye
  • Sun, 21:53: Posting my commission slot opening a little early since the first slot has been taken (And this is what I use to go by later).
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