November 10th, 2017


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  • Thu, 15:10: RT @Kablappy: REALLY important thread for clients who are very meticulous about the exact *shades* of their characters colours in commissio…
  • Thu, 15:45: Not seeing the problem here. You mean they might have to represent the people who elected them and not the compani…
  • Thu, 15:59: RT @ezraklein: The Republican Party’s problem: their base and donor class will hate them if they don’t pass their agenda. The country will…
  • Thu, 16:58: Ugn. I just vurped and the acid went all the way up to my nose. That's a very unpleasant feeling.
  • Thu, 18:01: RT @NatGeo: This 100-pound otter from six million years ago had jaws so powerful it could chomp right through mollusk shells
  • Thu, 18:57: You know, if there's one movie I'd like to see Hollywood remake, it's Ladyhawke.
  • Thu, 19:10: It's a good question.
  • Thu, 19:31: Here's another TF reference photo.
  • Thu, 20:55: RT @BearHybrid: This is something I wanna work on being better at. We've got to hold up our fellow artists & celebrate their successes! 🎨🐻…
  • Fri, 01:13: Endy doesn't react to stuff like a normal person would. Fascination > Fear.
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