October 22nd, 2018


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  • Sun, 14:27: If you support this, you're an asshole. If you don't support this, but vote GOP, you're condoning this, and that ma… https://t.co/cpK9BQtkLT
  • Sun, 17:34: RT @ParkerMolloy: Lots of people asking what they can do to fight back against the Trump administration’s planned anti-trans actions. The a…
  • Sun, 17:36: RT @BoozyBarrister: “Liberty and justice for all. Except for these people. These people only deserve it on our terms.” -2018.
  • Sun, 19:27: After an hour of walking around, I managed to get this. https://t.co/NDoqXBfVPd
  • Sun, 21:33: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Reminder: The people allegedly worried about transgender women sexually assaulting girls in bathrooms, despite it never…
  • Mon, 00:13: So Photoshop CC2019 has a "Lock Workspace" feature that makes it so you can't accidentally move UI elements around.… https://t.co/tN6qd1GHrc
  • Mon, 04:14: RT @delaneykingrox: 1) why you can't class humans into two categories by genitals. Some science.