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Normally I'm not one to just, you know, post the general IMs I get on SL. Imean there's so many I have to deal with. I spend most of my time on SL dealing with IMs (Which is why I Tell people not to try IMing me while I"m working, better for them to email me so I can take care of it later). Anyway, occassionally I get an IM that even I'm unsure of how to answer.

Now note, that I"m usually pretty nice in my IMs, even when people piss me off. I might be blunt, and stern, but I'm not pissy or insulting or anything. I save that for when people REALLY start being an asshole. But in this guy's case, I can't help but want to be a bitch to him. But still, advice would be appreciated.

Here's the bomb:

will you help me!!!! I cannot get the fucking tail atached back right.. I can't even puyt a cock on my damned avatar!! I paid 2000 plus 1000 for the upgrade... atleast you can do is help me make this wolf DICK compliant

He's obviously talkin about the WereWolf V2. It has a waggable tail that you can't move easily (because the prims are scripted to wag a certain way. You would have to be on SL to really understand how this works with attachment angles and scripting). With the tail being separate from the butt/hip prims, it's hard to put a dick on. *Most* people that buy werewolves don't care. And then you get these furries that have to have cocks on everything. But that's not my problem, I don't build for furries. If I did, they'd come with 'bits.'

Secondly, the werewolf was only $1500L when he bought it. Not $2000L. ANd the upgrade was only $500L to the V2. Not $1000L. This is the part that really makes me mad, when he lies to my face about how much he's spent on the thing. Especially when he's spent about $5 in USD. Just $5. They always act like it's USD when they tell you "how much" they've spent. Considering SL is free and most people spend $10+ a month on MMOs, this is not a high price to pay (plus it's pretty easy to get money in game).

Third - Why the FUCK would I want to help someone put a DICK on their avatar. I AM NOT A GODDAMN FURRY. Stop fuckin' assuming that I CARE about that shit! People requested wagging tails, I gave them wagging tails. I can't help that there are only a few places to attach this stuff and have the av still work and look correctly with the animations. I don't give a fucking rat's ass if you can't figure out a way to put the cock on (which, unfortunately, other people have).

Really I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to respond to the guy. And I already know if I'm nice and tell him I can't help him, he's going to throw a fucking shitfit anyway. But at least I can post that for the enjoyment of my readers.
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