September 19th, 2020


My tweets

  • Fri, 22:52: RT @AQuivershaft: Thenyr headshot A headshot portrait of Thenyr by Jakkal.
  • Fri, 23:48: RT @InternetHippo: the next two months will be everyone going “ahem” and reposting old mitch mcconnell quotes to show how hypocritical he i…
  • Sat, 00:20: RT @UrsulaV: Friends. It’s okay to be freaked out. It’s okay if you have to cry or panic or run in circles for a bit. It’s even okay if you…
  • Sat, 00:58: RT @amandalitman: May her memory be a revolution.
  • Sat, 01:23: RT @arb: stop telling me to vote. i’m gonna vote. i’ve BEEN voting. tell me when we’re meeting outside mitch mcconnell’s house.