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More SL drama.

Okay so "The Forest" which I believe is the original furry sim on SL (At least I don't rmemeber any others being around when I was a newb) is having some more problems. A landbaron, non-furry bought it last year around this time. Naturally that spelled disaster. Well apparently she caused some drama and got the furries pissed, that's when they started constantly chatting on their group channel to discuss what's going on. Of course, I have to be in that furry group in order to sell stuff in the Forest, and that also means that as an outside observer, I'm not going to keep my trap shut. Naturally the furries were arguing and fighting because of the stress of the situation.

But that doesn't really matter, that's just the reason why I was involved in this convo at all. But this was fucking amusing. Names have been removed.

[15:04] MM: RW, I'm being sensible here. If there's no contract, there's just a verbal agreement, and that can be broken.
[15:04] MM: No DW. Just handing over money does not make a contract.
[15:04] DW: It was a contract because I was contracted to rent the appartments through ron
[15:04] RW: actually a verbal agreement can be legally binding and the sense we paid rent made it such
[15:04] YY: it was a rento unit
[15:04] TL: It's starting to get a bit too messy in here for my taste... and since I'm not a lawyer, no having seen the contracts Ron uses, I can't speak to it
[15:05] Second Life: GG has left this session.
[15:05] Second Life: TL has left this session.
[15:05] MM: RW, is there record of the conversation in which that agreement is made?
[15:05] RO: its a simple contract really, you don't go above your primspace
[15:05] DW: And I didn't
[15:05] MM: I suggest that this is a tacit contract situation, not a verbal or written one.
[15:06] MM: Tacit contract; a contract implicition by the suggestion of the situation: the rental unit and payment into it.
[15:06] RW: we paid for service on the land, ergo its legally binding
[15:06] YY: there arent any contracts in SL cuz paper doesnt exist
[15:07] MM: No RW. There is no legal requirement that they must continue that service, no reason they can't stop service at any time they like, unless agreed otherwise. You may note that LindenLabs has that same right; to end SL at any time without refund.
[15:07] DW: Well still It sucks, im pissed, Im glad my friends care but itd be nice if other people would let me express myself without getting cockslapped
[15:07] DW: End of story, good night sweet dreams
[15:07] Second Life: DW has left this session.
[15:07] MM: AND if Lindenlabs can end SL without refunding you your Lindens, Anshe can do the same.
[15:07] Second Life: RW has left this session.
[15:07] Second Life: MM has left this session.
[15:08] Second Life: RO has left this session.
[15:10] RW: you all want the way to end this once and for all and have ll stand up and listen? Everyone involved file a tos against anshe chung, only by banding together will LL take notice and do something
[15:10] RW: it worked against lazarus divine
[15:10] RW: it can take down anshe chung too
[15:11] GR: There are very few people who could do that, though.
[15:11] RW: anyone that rented or had a vendor space
[15:12] Jakkal Dingo: has no case
[15:12] GR: As I understand it most vendor spaces are still there.
[15:12] GR: The Store has already been rebuilt.
[15:12] Jakkal Dingo: The only thing yo ucan do is abandon the forest
[15:12] GR: If you want to do something, go, and convince Anshe's rental base that they are better off going as well.
[15:13] DP: like that idea
[15:13] Second Life: DP has left this session.
[15:15] Second Life: RW has left this session.
[15:15] GR: Of course, you will have to convince them that it is a good idea. You can only do this by building a stable sim under good management. I think you will find that is the tricky part.
[15:15] RW: oh and don't mind MM, he likes starting trouble just to piss others off
[15:16] Jakkal Dingo: goes without saying, babyfur.
[15:16] RW: hey!
[15:16] RW: what about us?!
[15:16] Jakkal Dingo: they act like children >:)
[15:16] RW: look at my profile
[15:17] Jakkal Dingo: what, isn't that a compliment?
[15:17] RW: its your first statement
[15:18] RW: the goes without saying, babyfur part
[15:18] YY: *acts like a weirdo and does the crazy dance* LALALALALALALA
[15:19] Jakkal Dingo: Babyfurs act like children!
[15:20] RW: yes we do
[15:20] Jakkal Dingo: Well there ya go
[15:20] RW: but MM really isn't one

(Despite the fact that he's in the babyfur group and sells diapers?)

[15:20] Jakkal Dingo: Let the eyerolling commence
[15:20] RW: a fact he probably won't deny
[15:21] RW: if u look at my group numbers u may understand
[15:23] Jakkal Dingo: Numbers Prove is a logical fallacy
[15:23] RW: considering there's 219 and there are 253 in forest furries group?
[15:24] Jakkal Dingo: And that means what?
[15:24] Second Life: RW has left this session.
[15:25] Jakkal Dingo: Act like children.

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