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More SL Craziness!

Now, I'm sure people are thinking "Why the hell do you post these IMs?" Yeah, it does bother me that, here I am, posting something that should be kept private. But you know what? People let this behavior go unchecked and I'll be DAMNED if I'm constantly the receiver. So from now on, if you PM me, you better watch what you say and do. Because I'm sick of this shit. I'm sick of the deceptive, sneaky bullshit that turns into a pile of fetid, whining and excuses.

So here goes. I will at least remove the names of the others and grant them that much respect. But people NEED to make an example out of you, when you DO THIS:

My commentary in italics

[22:50] Twit: JAKKAL!!!!!
[22:50] Twit: o.o

So here I am, thinking, "Great, this is so going to get posted to my LJ"

[22:51] Jakkal Dingo: drugs are bad, m'kaaay?
[22:51] Twit: Sorry..Overly Hyper v.v;

Ya think? Lay off the caffiene, christ.

[22:51] Twit: I have a Queesstion..

Here comes the bomb...

[22:51] Jakkal Dingo: yeah?
[22:51] Twit: Ever think of MABYE running a club?...o.o
[22:52] Twit: Like..for furries..


[22:52] Jakkal Dingo: nah I don't ahve time for stuff like that

There I go, start out nice... need to be nice... don't need some rabid, hyper furry getting on my case.

[22:52] Twit: Well...What if mabye like..You had somone to run it for you? oo;
[22:53] Twit: And sturff...

This guy would do decepticons proud... right up the barrel of megatron's gun.

[22:54] Jakkal Dingo: Then it wouldn't be mine, so why bother?

Logic. So sweet. So simple. Such a smackdown.

[22:55] Twit: I understand oo;

Yeah but do you care? No, otherwise you'd have STOPPED!

[22:56] Twit: Im just trying to find somone who would want to..Me and tah want to try to have a club but we never make enuff money to even make one.

Read: I'm trying to find someone to pay all my bills for me because I'm a lazy mooch that couldn't do anything on my own if I had to.

[22:56] Jakkal Dingo: You'd probably be better off asking furries. I just like to build. I don't have any land to donate for the cause anyway.

Mental note: Stop being so fucking nice

[22:57] Twit: We wish we knew how ot build v.v

What? Are you the borg?

[22:57] Jakkal Dingo: practice

Practice?! Oh the NOES, that would require EFFORT! They don't want EFFORT! They want INSTANT GRATITUDE AND MONEY!

[22:57] Twit: Not smart enough nor an Artist..

Truth, it's an amazing thing

[22:57] Jakkal Dingo: I guess you're fucked then

Not gunna take it anymore...

[22:58] Twit: Yuh..

Read: Shit, she's not falling for it.

Don't you love those little trailing elipses? Don't you wish SL could turn them into pacmen so their pathetic DRAGGING OUT THE SHIT is more of a humorous overtone for those of us that are forced to read them. I swear to god, I'm going to start charging for elipses. I'm going to make a fucking fortune.

In any case. Please, don't spam me with your shit. I'm not going to BUILD, CREATE and PAY FOR a club for YOU to run, especially when I've NEVER FUCKING HEARD OF YOU BEFORE IN MY FUCKING LIFE! How STUPID are you? And how STUPID do you think I am? Do you REALLY, HONESTLY think SOMEONE would do this? Especially when you FUCKING ADMIT that you can't do ANY of it, or PAY for ANY of it on YOUR OWN?!

At least it wasn't about sex. Although I have a feeling that's what the club would end up being themed anyway.

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