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I think we've decided to set up a wiki for Kaerwyn, just because we're getting so many Rpers, and the site is really old, outdated and confusing (And I don't have time to work on it). Does anyone have any good recommendations? I don't want a full CMS, I just want some wiki software, preferably something I can easily customize to look like part of Kaerwyn's site.

-Must work on Windows IIS web server
-Must be set up so that all changes are admin/mod approved before they "go live" on the site
-Needs to have an easy setup
-MySQL driven database

Would like to have:
-Something that would integrate into phpbb, or vbulletin for user accounts

Currently I'm looking through http://www.opensourcecms.com/ to find a suitable wiki system. If anyone has a recommendation, though, It would help.


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