Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

So about that gay marriage thing...

I sent in a reply, and it went a little something like this:

Several decades ago, our country frowned at the treatment of East Germans. A couple of decades ago, our country was up in arms at the way the Soviet Union's government treated its citizens. A decade ago, we were aghast at the Chinese for threatening their freedom fighters with tanks. A few years ago, we were appalled at the way the Taliban and similar governments treated their women.

And yet, today, in this very country, these same walls of discrimination and lack of respect are being erected. This is not a matter of preserving the sanctity of marriage. This is not a matter of one's opinion against another. This is a matter of pure and hateful discrimination, of which I am ashamed of our country for tolerating, endorsing, and continuing.

That which destroys families is not 'gay marriage'. That which destroys 'marriage' is divorce. The heterosexual couples of this country are doing a fine job of destroying the "sanctity of marriage through divorces. The homosexual couples can't compete with that kind of devastation, and destruction that comes from a divorce. If you wish to fight the problem, then aim at the problem, not the outlying scapegoats that so easily fill your agenda. I didn't think there was room for hatred in Christianity. Apparently I am mistaken.

Need I also remind you of the last time Christian dogma was allowed within the government's rulings? Hundreds of innocent people were tortured and burned at the stake, without reason. Are we going to go back to that?

This is pure discrimination, something our government was founded against. This is something that our country has worked to eradicate. This is something that should not be tolerated, let alone added to the "sacred" Constitution of the United States.

Mr. Dobson, tear down that wall.

S.P. Raleigh, NC

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