Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Ut Ohs, teh drama has resurfaced!

Another victim-wannabe furry has hit my entry on wikifur. http://furry.wikia.com/wiki/Talk:Jakkal

Actually I've found Jakkal to be very anti-furry. I have a ton of IRC logs where she repeatedly nags about how disgusting and perverted we all are. I could quote one but for now, despite its lack of an NPOV I'll leave the article alone due to personal bias...

Jakkal is also on Second Life and proudly sells furry avatars throughout the areas in-world that are heavily populated by the fandom. Is this a different Jakkal? If not I can't see how anybody could be more of a hypocrite. skippyfox 17:34, 30 June 2006 (UTC)

Oh no, not a ton of IRC logs! I can't let anyone know how much furries piss me off! Thank god he obviously doesn't read THIS JOURNAL, which is completely PUBLICALLY ACCESSIBLE where I do MOST OF MY RANTING against THE POOR VICTIM FURRIES!!11!! Guess what sunshine, I also bitch about Role Players, Therians, Idiots, Republicans, etc. But oh teh noes, I hang out with role players, therians, idiots, and republicans! Oh god no, I have opinions, shame on me, I'm so obviously human it hurts this guy!

Perverted and Disgusting? Furries? Surely you're joking!

Apparently Skippyfox, you didn't bother to read the part of the article that states that I have a lot of furry friends OMG WTF, FURRY FRIENDS, yes I do know a lot of furries. I also recognize and admit MANY TIMES that there are PLENTY of great people that are furries. But MOST furries are very open and blatant about their sexuality and I'm not comfortable with that WHATSOEVER. So while you people are screaming for us to respect you, and the fandom and the shit you people do, learn to fucking respect the thoughts and feelings of NONFURRIES that think your community is full of a bunch of SICK PERVERTS. How's that for hypocritical? At least I can admit it!

And being said that I have friends in the fandom and I admit that I make "Anthro avatars" on SL, that doesn't make me hypocritical. It makes me someone that doesn't want to be label slapped and grouped in with the very same sick freaks that I just ranted about. You'll excuse me if I want NO PART OF THAT. And I don't, AT ALL, consider anthro animals as intrinsically part of the Furry Fucked-Up Fandom. The Fandom requires anthros, NOT the other way around.

Now I need to think of a snappy reply to give the guy that doesn't have the blantant insults so the mods won't get rid of it.

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