Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Okay let's get something straight here.

Ranting, if you hadn't noticed, is my hobby. Why? I don't know. I guess I'm like a betta fish, you know how they see another and they get all pissed off 'n' flare up? Well that's really good for them because it releases hormones and stuff that makes them healthy. I'm like the same way. I need shit to rant about, and LJ is my dumping zone. But yes, it does piss me off, and that's what starts the ol' rant gears. But then it turns into something really funny, that you guys seem to enjoy reading. And your comments are usually so funny in return that it's a good thing overall.

The shit people say, doesn't make me sad. It doesn't make me cry. What do you think this is? Middle school? Most of the time it makes me laugh, because it's really that pathetic. The people on SL? They make me a little pissy, but then I exaggerate it here. Hell, whenever someone IMs me on SL now I'm all like "Oooh is this going to be LJ worthy? Let's find out!" Because it's fun sharing the rantage. Maybe it's just trainwreck syndrome.

Anyway LJ is my stress relief though, because, as I said, I do get pissy. If I don't release it, that'll just get bottled up and explode later. So it's good that I have a place to vent about the idiocy I have to deal with day in and day out.

And for those of you reading this who wish you were as popular as me: AHAHAHAH you can HAVE IT.

And now I just feel like sharing this part of the reply on the Wikifur draaaaama.

- Just out of curiosity...if you don't want to be involved in the fandom like you say, then why do you continue to do so? skippyfox 20:25, 5 July 2006

I'm not. People like you continue to drag me into it? Why? Because I create anthromorphic artwork. My SL creations are, as well, anthropomorphic artwork. The furry fandom is about /people/ who are /fans/ of anthropomorphic artwork /and/ fans of those who create it. I am not /in the fandom/ because I am not a /fan of anthromorphics/. I enjoy making them, but I'm not a fan of them. I don't RP them. I've only drawn them, and made a race of them as part of my comic because I do /enjoy drawing them/. But I could care /less/ about them. The only reason my favorite character has a theriomorphic form is because she /hates it/ and that makes her interesting to me. It's NOT because she's an anthro. I Also do not participate in the fandom. I don't go to cons. I don't hang out in furry sims on SL. I don't hang out in Furry chat rooms. I don't write on furry message forums. I only /skirt/ the community because many members of the fandom hang out with me, or they contact me in various forms (Other forums, LJs, Chats, SL, etc). I Don't make "Furry avatars" I make "Anthropomorphic avatars." I don't make them just for furries, I make them for anyone that wants one. Just like I make art for anyone to look at, I don't /care/ what their fandom is. I make the same thing that helped create the fandom to begin with (Anthro art and related), but I am not in the fandom nor do I have to be in or part of the fandom to do so. It just means that it's something the furries would naturally be attracted to.

However, the furry fandom is the ONLY group that consistantly /pisses me off/ with label slapping, sniper insults, direct insults, complete and total lack of respect for my feelings. So you'll excuse me if I'm not exactly happy with furries as a group, especially when people like yourself, representing the fandom in your own way, tries to attack me in various methods. I am, and do often give individual furries a break as I know there are many great people in the fandom. But as a group, you people have serious moral and emotional issues, and I wish you'd stop taking it out on me. And the more you take it out on me, the more I will bitch, whine, moan, and complain about the incidents that take place and that I'm dragged into. If furries want me to stop complaining about them, they need to learn to respect the feelings of the people who make the stuff they love. (Or hell, learn to respect the feelings of just anyone else in general). Common courtesy is truly lost it seems. -Jakkal, Not-A-Furry.
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