Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

You can tell it's my birthday.

Only one hour into it and already two assholes on SL to deal with. Boy. Look when I Tell you people my B'day is cursed, I expect you to believe me!

Here goes.

So, someone is, I think, legitmately having a problem with one of our gift card systems. Just like in RL, you can get gift cards, put money on them, and buy avs with them in our stores. Well we've had them up since November and haven't had problems with them, though we're sure they might arise. Tonight someone claimed that the script in the card "jumped out" when she crashed. She gave the script to Kayla (my scripter) and the card to me. That was enough for me to believe that, yeah, something might have happened and she deserved the card back. So I gave her another one. Even if it was a scam, she'd only get away with it once, and it's only $1000L (About $3 USD) NBD.

So this OTHER guy pops in, buys a gift card, and then IMMEDIATELY puts it on the ground and edits the card. Then HE claims that HIS card has no script in it. Kayla informs me of this potential scam going on, and I join SL.

[21:32] Second Life: Too many instant messages. Delivery capped.

Note, I get this like everyday, if you get more than like 20 IMs or something, you don't get them all on SL. This is a pain... but has nothing to do with this problem

[21:33] Kayla Stonecutter: you can take things out of a nomod object
[21:33] Kayla Stonecutter: just not put things in
[21:33] Theodor Mommsen: oh

This is the asshole. Yeah, I'm leaving his name in because of this scam. Say hi to the world.

[21:33] Theodor Mommsen: but i dont have a script in mine
[21:33] Theodor Mommsen: and i dont have the script

Because you took it out

[21:34] Theodor Mommsen: you can sign on my accoutn if you really need proof

Yeah cuz that'll get us ALL banned. And it's not like you couldn't have, say, given it to someone else.

[21:34] Innocent Bystander: Jakkal I talked to Kayla about the proble and said I had to talk to u
[21:34] Kayla Stonecutter: I said I had to talk to her.
[21:34] Kayla Stonecutter: to discuss the issue.
[21:35] Theodor Mommsen: what about my card..
[21:35] Theodor Mommsen: if you need to sign on to my acocunt i will let you

So insistant.

[21:35] Kayla Stonecutter: I've never seen or heard of a script just popping out of an object before.

I Think most people on SL would agree

[21:35] Theodor Mommsen: well mine isnt in the object
[21:36] Innocent Bystander: well It happen to me yesterday
[21:36] Theodor Mommsen: at all
[21:36] Innocent Bystander: thats when I got mine
[21:36] Theodor Mommsen: Ho wheres my money!!!
[21:36] Theodor Mommsen: nor in my inventory but it would seem to me if she removed her script it its not a biggie all she has to do i *+Biatch!!!!+* put it in a different object
[21:36] Theodor Mommsen: oops

Yeah.... Discussing your plans with someone else maybe? Hmm?

[21:36] Innocent Bystander: it worked and then when I relogged it didn't
[21:36] Theodor Mommsen: sorry damn trigger
[21:37] Kayla Stonecutter: I just bought the gift card, it has a script in it, and I tested a card with the vendor, it worked fine.
[21:37] Theodor Mommsen: welll you sdont listen ydo you i dont have one in mine and you can log onto my accoutn to verify it

That's not verification asshole! That would only 'verify' that you might have taken it out and given it to another person!

[21:37] Kayla Stonecutter: I'm not gonna log into someone else account
[21:37] Kayla Stonecutter: That's against LL policy
[21:37] Theodor Mommsen: then please give me one that works

Theft is bad, mmmkay?

[21:37] Kayla Stonecutter: I could get banned, as you could
[21:38] Theodor Mommsen: thats not true
[21:38] Kayla Stonecutter: yes
[21:38] Theodor Mommsen: i have had lindens log on my account and my dfirends do all the time

I was so tempted to report him.

[21:38] Kayla Stonecutter: Lindens, yes
[21:38] Theodor Mommsen: and it is onot in the tos

You mean this part of the TOS? You are prohibited from disclosing your password to another person.

[21:38] Kayla Stonecutter: not other residents
[21:38] Theodor Mommsen: well then you dont seem to want to see proff i am nto lying

There is no proof

[21:39] Theodor Mommsen: if she had a problem and i have one dont ya think that ought to tell you somethign

Yet hundreds of others haven't. Kayla and I bought one from the same box and they were fine. And you didn't pop in at the teleport spot, you popped in next to your friend. And you happened to buy it right there with your friend around, and edited your card. Yes, that does infact tell me something. And it's not in your favor.

[21:39] Kayla Stonecutter: you could have sent it off to someone else for all I know.
[21:39] Theodor Mommsen: well here ill fix one of our problems even if you wont sara take that script and put it into another object and wear taht object

And obviously he knows how they work.

[21:40] Kayla Stonecutter: She gave me the script when I asked for it to check it
[21:40] Theodor Mommsen: well then give it back to her and she can put it in a differnt object
[21:40] Theodor Mommsen: now back to my problem

In a rush to get the scam on huh?

[21:40] Kayla Stonecutter: the script she gave me got reset, it won't work anymore for Jakkal's vendors
[21:40] Theodor Mommsen: well then why would you ask for the script?
[21:41] Kayla Stonecutter: to see if I could put it in an object to get it working
[21:41] Theodor Mommsen: but if you knew it owuld reset... i mean why take it
[21:41] Kayla Stonecutter: I didn't know it would reset, it shouldn't have.
[21:41] Theodor Mommsen: then you have another problem dont oyu

Here's where I asked the innocent one to give me their card. I didn't even look at it. I just gave her another card immediately. If Kayla has the script and I have the card, then it worked out anyway.

[21:41] Innocent Bystander gave you The WereHouse Gift Card - 1000.
[21:41] Innocent Bystander accepted your inventory offer.
[21:42] Theodor Mommsen: the script shoudlnt have poped out and the script shouldnt hav e reset i would take to the perosn who created it

Uhm.. dumbass...

[21:42] Kayla Stonecutter: I made the gift card system
[21:42] Theodor Mommsen: you made the system?

Do you speak english?

[21:42] Kayla Stonecutter: yes
[21:42] Theodor Mommsen: and you didnt know it would reset?
[21:42] Kayla Stonecutter: It's not supposed to when transfered, that's the point
[21:43] Theodor Mommsen: LOL oh yeah thats true
[21:43] Theodor Mommsen: but seriously how do i prove i dont have it?

YOu'd have to get it back from whoever you gave it to, and give it back to us.

[21:43] Kayla Stonecutter: can't
[21:43] Theodor Mommsen: so i am scrwed?

Out of your scam, yes. But if you just get that script back, then you can use the card fine.

[21:44] Jakkal Dingo: You bought the card, and then what did you do?

So I've been listening to the whole thing and I want to hear from his point of view.

[21:44] CritterVendor: Innocent Bystander used a gift card for item: CrittersBkWolf

Obviously that card worked

[21:44] Kayla Stonecutter: Only Jakkal can give new cards out for her vendors.
[21:44] Theodor Mommsen: i put it on the ground to see if it had instructiosn in it...

Ding ding. Look at that excuse.

[21:44] Theodor Mommsen: and it did i read them
[21:44] Innocent Bystander: thank for helping me
[21:44] Theodor Mommsen: but no script thats why i asked what am i suppoed to do

Put the script back in, dumbass!

[21:44] Innocent Bystander: I am going to go and watch my friend DJ
[21:44] Theodor Mommsen: then i did it to make sure i am nto stupid
[21:44] Kayla Stonecutter: If you read the instructions, then why did you ask me how to use it?
[21:44] Theodor Mommsen: and thats when i told you i didnt have a script
[21:44] Jakkal Dingo: And you expect us to believe that?

Couldn't hold my tongue any longer.

[21:45] Theodor Mommsen: look up i just explained why i asked you
[21:46] Jakkal Dingo: When you put the card on the ground, you could have taken the script out, or claimmed it, then you immediately raise hell about it, and expect us to, what, give you your money back, so you can get a free av?
[21:47] Theodor Mommsen: you knwo what fuck you both you store and sl names will be published in the sl better bureau ezine as a fruadulant gift card vendor

Yep. Scam failed. He's got all the signs, and I've got his money.

[21:47] Jakkal Dingo: have a nice day
[21:47] Wolf Ludd laughs
[21:48] Kayla Stonecutter: :P
[21:48] Jakkal Dingo: Someone got caught
[21:48] Jakkal Dingo: and he just became LJ fodder

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