Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,


I got several pics for my birfday this year, which seems much cooler than normal gifts. I know they can't really be used, and I'm more of a practical sort, but I know how much work and effort had to be put into these pics, and that's what makes 'em super special.

So I thought I'd give these guys a pimping:

windseeker03 seems to have this thing about painting drakkolupen. Nothing wrong with that! Although I probably shouldn't tell her that I'm terrified of T-storms hehehe. But it's very beautiful painting. I swear Windy, one day I will repay the favor. http://www.deviantart.com/view/36266796/

turnsky, the guy that draws The Foxfire Chronicals made this one for me. http://www.deviantart.com/view/36281986/ . Naturally Link would never see it coming, though in truth, there would be able a million fangirls trying to attack him *nods*

northwolf is going to force me to subscribe to LJ by giving me this awesome new icon to use. http://www.moonwolfstudio.com/lj_jakkal.jpg

You guys are teh awesome.

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