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And they don't give up... (No, I'm not putting this behind a cut)

Okay, that guy I was bitching about in my last post? He's the one and only Julian Montale. But now he's got an alt account, boo hoo hoo because he wants to "avoid drama".

Sir, if you'd like to avoid drama, try leaving people alone and not harassing them constantly. You also get to add another knock to the 'I hate furries" list for being a pestering asshole that must take advantage of one's kindness.

Yes, this is also the fucker that demanded I compensate him because the werewolf avatar is not "Dick Compliant."

But now he's got an alternate account! And he wants his avatars all over again.

Let me explain the whole situation. Thursday or Friday night (I don't recall which) I noticed that he bought the werewolf avatar on the Julian account, when he already /had/ the avatar. Whenever I see this happen, I give people their money back. The avatars are copiable, they shouldn't need to buy another version, but sometimes it happens. In my mind, you shouldn't have to pay for the same thing twice on the single account.

However, that does NOT crossover to alt accounts (especially considering that anyone can sign up now for free). That also forces me to assume, guess and hope that alts are the same people. I don't deal with that, sorry. No. And I have had to tell this fucker I don't know HOW many times that we do NOT give avatars to Alt Accounts.

So here goes:

This was sent on July 14th (my b'day)

[19:23]Maelthra Demain: I realy need to talk to you , and its a dire emergency

Rolling your eyes yet?

I replied via email, as I wasn't able to get on SL at the time: What do you need?

[22:45] Maelthra Demain: Well you know Julian Montale right/>

How could I forget?

Me: Yes.

[22:49] Maelthra Demain: Reason I ask is becuase I am him, I had to delete my other account becuase "too much drama" and I need to talk to you, if you have MSN you can reach me at ****Removed for privacy reasons****
[22:49] Maelthra Demain: Or ****Removed for privacy reasons****
[22:49] Maelthra Demain: both are online

[0:05] Maelthra Demain: Hello?
[0:05] Maelthra Demain: Why is it when I talk to you after the first post you ignore me?

Hello? Twit? There's a reason SL is telling you USER NOT ONLINE. Idiot

Me: I can't get on SL right now, that's why it says I'm not online when you IM me. I'm checking through email.

[0:15] Maelthra Demain: If you have a messenger let me know what it is so we can chat for a few moments
[0:15] Maelthra Demain: Please?

Get to the point you fucking moron. I hope you never have to call 911 for a REAL dire emergency, you'll be dead WAY before you can give them the important info.... actually I hope you have to call 911 soon. Very soon.

Me: I don't have a messenger, all I have is SL and email. What do you want? It would be much easier if you just said it.

[1:10] Maelthra Demain: Well I am Julian Montale, I repurchased your Dracotera,Draco marine. The purchase of the nwer dragon is on me I was wondering since I deleted my old account do I still get a refund like I did when purchasing agian the wolf? Wich I need again unafortunatly

Here's where he had the clever scheme that, hey, she gave me my money back for the wolf. Now if I buy all these other avatars, she'll give me my money back for them. Asshole, Let me explain to you how it works. The money for the avatars IS SPLIT BETWEEN THREE PEOPLE. When you demand money back from ME, you are literally TAKING MONEY OUT OF MY POCKET. So thanks for trying to SCAM ME when I was TRYING TO BE NICE TO YOU. Thanks for MAKING ME REGRET IT, ASSHOLE. And I'll be sure to NEVER DO IT AGAIN.

Me: a refund for what? Normally we don't give people avatars when they switch accounts, it's more on a per account basis. But I can give you a werewolf since you bought so many of our other avs. Just don't tell anyone I did so. It's generally against our policy.

My thinking was "Okay this guy is a known asshole, maybe if I give him a werewolf, since I Know he bought it before, and he bought all those other dragons, that I'd give him a break, and he'd leave me alone. Nope, this guy is the epitome of "Give an inch, take a light year."

[1:15] Maelthra Demain: I understand that Jakkal but I am out 4,000 Linden I need desperately . I love your avatars that much that I took the risk, and if you ddi kindlly returned what I had to again but , I would never tell a soul
[1:15] Maelthra Demain: I had no choice but to chnage accounts there was way too much drama around me and I couldn't take it no more. I was even being greieved please understand my delima

You need $4000L desperately? That's $12. What are you going to do, run to McD's? Are you nucking futz? And if you NEED the money desperately WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BUY THREE AVATARS?!?!

Me: I'm not really sure what you're asking here. If you needed money, why did you buy avatars? We have a no-refund policy, which is why we have so many signs in the shops telling people to -be sure- they want the avatars they're purchasing. I can give you a werewolf, but I can't give you your money back.

[1:26] Maelthra Demain: I have bought the same avatars twice is what I am saying, twice I have bought your Dracotera and Dracomarine and its has me short 4,000

Me: Our general policy is that we don't transfer avatars between alt accounts or give refunds for people who purchase them for alt accounts.

[1:27] Maelthra Demain: I understand mam I am on a new account but I kinda didn't have a choice in the matter, it was either switch or the lindens ban my IP address
[1:28] Maelthra Demain: I am grateful you are giving me the Wolf agian for the third time, but I already bought those two dragons before
[1:28] Maelthra Demain: When you log in check Julian Montale and Maelthra Demain Both accounts bought the same exact thing

You understand, you just don't give a fucking shit.

Me: I will give you the werewolf avatar when I'm able to get on.

[1:31] Maelthra Demain: I am just asking for this one exception, I am not one to tell when a favor is done for me. I apritiate your patience, and your understanding I am jsut asking for a one time thing that I will never ask of you agian
[1:32] Maelthra Demain: Ok
[1:35] Maelthra Demain: And if this is the case I also have to rebuy the Drakkolupen don't I?
[3:15] Maelthra Demain: Total avatars paid for Gryphin, Draco tera , Draco marine,and Drakkolupen

And then he sent me THIS email:

Hello this is Maelthra Demain and Julian Montale,

I have purchased on my Julian account a Draccolupen,Dracotera,Dracomarine,Dracoinferno,Wolf.
I know you gave me a copy of the wolf and I aprtiate that so much. but what about the Draccolupen? Must I realy have to buy it over agian? I already have the mods to it moved over I just need the avi. But I realy have 0.00 L$ now and I have no money IRL I have no way of getting L$ I am hoping if I can atleast get the Draccolupen if nothing else?


Look how he keeps going? And then, he caught me on SL while I was trying to so some scripting work for avatars, which is very tedious and mindnumbing. Have at it:

[18:47] Maelthra Demain: I sent you email, I apologize for not answering you on Julian, But I was in the log out prosess I had gotton your automated message and jsut left after trasnfering my Draccolupen mods
[18:49] Jakkal Dingo: We only give assistance to avatars bought on the account. Period.
[18:49] Maelthra Demain: So I have to rebuy the 2000 L avatar?
[18:49] Maelthra Demain: The only reason I had made this desperate change was to avoid morons and Drama....
[18:49] Jakkal Dingo: The drakkolupen is *not* $2000L.

He tried that shit with the werewolf saying it was $3000L when it was only $2000L for him (Discounted for previous werewolf owners)

[18:50] Maelthra Demain: Do you even still sell it? Cuase I cannot find it at the Skymall
[18:50] Jakkal Dingo: Yes, it's still for sale, they're in the vendor with the dragons and the gryphons. It's not a full prim avatar.
[18:50] Maelthra Demain: Ok
[18:50] Maelthra Demain: I even bought a gryphin from you
[18:51] Maelthra Demain: that means I will be giving you over 40$ american'

Oh noes. Now he's adding it up.Obviously it doesn't matter to him that he was BUYING PRODUCTS and GETTING THOSE PRODUCTS. He was obviously buying me as his personal slave laborer and abuse monkey. And by the way, I checked my sales records and did a little math. $40? No. Try $27. I'd say this guy can't count, he probably doesn't need to be bitching at store owners.

[18:51] Maelthra Demain: thats actualy abit mean

THat's it, not taking this anymore.

[18:51] Jakkal Dingo: No sir. Mean is consistantly asking me to go against policy, and pay you money out of my pocket when the money for the avatars is split between three people.
[18:52] Maelthra Demain: I don;t even want the money back
[18:52] Jakkal Dingo: Mean is taking advantage of my kindness, despite me going against policy to give you an avatar, and then continuing to suck me dry.
[18:52] Maelthra Demain: I just hate having to 6 avatars over agian
[18:52] Jakkal Dingo: So please, in the future, don't buy anymore avatars from us. I'd rather not have the money to deal with this nonsense.

Smackdown, layeth. I just left SL so we'll hafta see what else he says.

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