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Thanks for the input, my legion of nerds! Ironically, I got an email from TigerDirect today, $20 off a purchase of $200 or more. Convenient no? I hafta buy something this week unfortunately, and I had decided at this point to wait and see if prices do infact drop on the other processors 'n' stuff.

But if wysiwyg can send me a machine, that would help yeah. I was being a little rash last night due to the fact that the machine locked up 3 times and blue screened once. Then it insisted on doing a disk check (Something I've never seen the machine do) so I thought it was seriously having problems. This weekend it kept locking up and blue screening while I was trying to work. It's not something that suddenly started, but it's something that's progressively getting worse as time goes on.

It seems to be okay working on small things like BT or Kaerwyn comics. But anything larger, like say, website layouts and such, it has a hard time with that stuff. The sad thing is, it locks up doing regular old paintbrush strokes. It's not like I'm using the radial blur on a huge image. Nope. Just a paintbrush.

It's also, lately, forgetting what the scanner is. Unplugging the scanner and plugging it back it makes it work most of the time. If not a reboot gets it. Not sure what that is about.

I know the machine is overheating. I know it needs a cleaning too. But it's just getting to be a major pain trying to keep it satisfied enough to run for me. I'm going to try to convince Bow to get me an A/C unit for this room. We do have central air, but with two comps in a tiny room that faces the west (Afternoon sun bad), it usually hangs around 80F in here when the rest of the house is 72-73F.

But well, we'll see what comes. At least worse case scenario, I can do all my work on the laptop, hopefully at least. I can do BT and Kaerwyn on it, but I'm not sure about larger files.

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