Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

The Fox Avatars are cursed, I tells ya.

I've been trying to work on the Fox Advanced avatars on SL for the past several days. At this point I'm starting to think they're cursed. My comp kept locking up this weekend when I was trying to make the new skins. I *Finally* got them all done last night. I had to rebuild the heads once already. The image I made for the HUD had to be done three times cuz they weren't lining up right (Mental note, don't use layer alignments anymore for that).

And I finally get on today to start actually making the avatars, and the Grid goes down cuz LL fucked the update. And I'm not going to have much time later what with BT, Kaerwyn and some other stuff I've gotta get done first.

Thinking maybe I shouldn't bother (Cept those new foxes are really spiff.)

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