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Artsy Stuff

Well happy holidays everyone. Right now I'm waiting for our Xmas roast to finish... roasting. Some of you guys have made comments about "missing posts" in my journal. Well the person they were directed to apologized, and despite what some might think, I don't /like/ having to bitch people out. Especially not this time of year. So bygones are just that and I deleted my posts to respect his apology.

In other news, I finally finished one of my most detailed photoshop paintings yet. I'm thinking about making a poster out of it. Anyway here's a small version of the pic. A larger version can be found in my gallery. Overall the pic lost most of it's detail when I shrank it, even the larger one on my site is less than half the original size.

I'm working on my next pic, which is Lore and the BlackWolf on the mountains, where she is telling her story in BT. A lot of people have asked me for information on how I do my paintings, so I'm eventually going to make a tutorial out of it. For now though, I am uploading my progress so you can see how it's developing from stage one on up. The images are at full size, so, yes, they're big. http://www.drakkolupen.com/tutorials/painting/list.asp

That's all for now. Enjoy.

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