Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

That's a lot of water.

Man, this is something I've been wanting to get for a long long time. Before, couldn't really afford it, that we didn't exactly have a floor that would support it, but now, I finally have it, my very own 55 gallon aquarium. Good god, is it fucking huge.

Unfortunately the stand they had was, well, ugly, so we didn't get it. I'll have to hit Petsmart sometime this week and get a nice stand that can hold about 400 lbs of water and decorations. That'll be fun.

Bow and I are already trying to figure out what kind of fish to get. Bow really wants Bala sharks. So all the fish we get will be based around what works with Balas. I also bought a new betta fish tonight, his name is Kappa, and he's in Alpha's old 1 gallon tank. Kappa will be moved into the 55 gallon as soon as it's ready for him. I would put Alpha in the big tank BUT, Alpha has proven himself to be a total fucking asshole. He attacks /anything/. He even tries to attack the dogs. So he doesn't ever get to go into a community tank. This other betta I picked up seems fairly laid back. He doesn't flare as much as Alpha, although he does flare, so that's good. He was trying to make a bubble nest in his filthy little cup, so I'm hoping he's a happy go lucky kinda betta.

So that's my day. I'll post pics of the new aquarium once it's set up.

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