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Pics of Kappa

This is our new Betta Fish, Kappa. I picked him up at Walmart this weekend. I thought at first that his fins were raggety, mostly because the water in the cup was filthy. But it turns out he's in pretty good health. He's already tried to make a couple of bubblenests! So I think he's happy! Everytime I go up to the tank, he flares at me (Except when I try to take pics of him :P)

He's in Alpha's old 1 gallon tank. I tried to take pics of Alpha, but he was too busy trying to spy on his new neighbor. Obviously he was upset that we have another Betta in the house! Edit: I managed to get one of him!

Anyway, the pics.

I've come to realize that Bettas are really hard to photograph sometimes :P They move too much.

And I couldn't forget Alpha the grouch.

X-posed to bettas

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