Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Abandon all thought, ye who enter here.

"Anyway, Jakkal, that's the point. As far as historical fact is concerned, you can't disprove evolution. It make plenty of sense......but there's no evidence to support it. It simply could explain what's seen. So there's also no way to prove it. But you keep bringing up all these scientists (actually, there are quite a few scientists that aren't particularly satisfied with the therory of evolution, but that's neither here or there.) "

All because I told the old fucker that if he really believes evolution is flawed, to please do everyone a favor and stop saying it constantly, but fucking prove it. Fucking write a paper on it. Fucking submit it to a scientific review. But STOP Fucking spewing bullshit.

Oh and then the kicker:

"It just seems to me that when scientists start thinking about evolution, their brains get out of gear. Is it possible that they're too emotionally envolved to be objective?

Anyway, I'd sorta like to see the Therian community to be a little more rational and lose the science worship. We'll see what we can do there."

Anyone else see that as being mutually exclusive?

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