Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Pre-emptive Posting...

I'm getting the vibes off this one already. I get the feeling it leads to nothing good. So I'm posting it pre-emptively and maybe we can play "Guess what the guy wants."

[14:51] *Name Removed*: Jakkal its important that I speak with you if I can please contact me when you get this I would like to work for you but please speak to me face to face about this and then you will know why I want this thank you for your time.

I looked up the guy's name in my records. He bought the werewolf av the first week of July. This bodes ill. What does he want? To jump on the non-existant WereHouse bandwagon?

I really hate these guys that obsess over these avatars.

My guess is, he's doing this to get a mod version of the avatar (Which everyone will get when V3 comes out).

My reply: "I'm not exactly sure what you're asking for. We're not hiring. But we will take suggestions for things if you'd like to request something."

Edit: Apparently he's made armor to fit on the werewolf avatar. That's pretty cool, I've been looking for someone to do that. Now i Just need more info from him, and I need to see how it looks.

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