Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Now it's getting funny

I'm just posting links from Talk.Origins and he's still baiting me.

Times like this though that I wish we had some more professional scientists on the forum that could smack this guy down, as my knowledge of evolution doesn't go far beyond first year college.

I do not have "faith" in evolution. I have "faith" that the scientific method is the best one to go about explanations of things.

Edit: There. Fuck civility. I'm sick of it. I'm still not going full throttle like I'd do on other forums (Cuz I'm supposed to be 'civil') but I did punch the pedal a few times.

Memorable quotes from this time around:

You see, there is a system that produces a progressive sequence of "species" that can be orgainized into a taxonomy that has absolutely nothing to do with Darwinian evolution - that being automobiles (actually, just about any kind of produce.) What is the difference between cars and evolving biological organisms that make evolution so obvious?


THat's right, but you see, I'm a research specialist (my graduate work was in Vocational Evaluation and Research - RSE requires choice of two out of three specialties - those are the two I chose.) and I know the mistakes that scientists make - quite habitually. I can't have the same order of faith in science exactly because I am a scientist - and an honest one, to boot.

This makes him bettar than teh scyintists!111!!

Original Quote:
Basilosaurus (a primitive whale with small hind legs), demonstrating a full range of transitional characteristics between land-going creatures and whales.

His Babbling Reply: How many fossils are there of this beasty? I bet you can find fossils of six legged frogs if you looked hard enough (there's even live ones today). That would be a perfect missinglink between insects and amphibians. The point is, abnormalities aren't evidence of evolution. Certainly, legs on a whale would tie to some land connection - but there are fish today that walk - it's not a vestigal skill - they actually use that ability. If whales stopped using the ability, the limbs would atrophy - withing one generation - not over evolutionary periods.

I dunno man, he might be right. I have a really hard time telling the difference between insects and four legged frogs! Holy crap! I hope someone discovers a system of perhaps the framework of life itself so we can look at the basic blueprints of what makes an organism instead of just it's outward appearance! Oh and killer whales are sharks too, did you know that?

And now the best one yet:
Good. Give me evidence and let me see if I can refute it. I have one more issue from the artical to address.

I guess all those links to Talk.Origins were forum fodder.

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