Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Some SL stuffs

I had a couple of requests this week for avatars that I knew I'd be able to get done easily, (Since I was already working on so many dog avatars).

wendigowolf requested a dachshund avatar. Well I've made a bunch of them, from the rainbow colored ones, to the various colors OF the rainbow, to standard colors such as black & tan. I also made the requested dapple dachshund in two colors, blue and red.

Here ya go Wendi:

And then someone asked me on SL if I'd make a Cape Hunting Dog (Also known as the African Wild Dog, or the Painted Dog). It was actually not as hard to make as I expected. Thought the skin texture would take forever, but it only took a few hours. I can't remember for the life of me the name of the person that requested it. If you happen to be reading my LJ, here's the pics!

I hope to have these avs in the vendors by the weekend.

Oh and the rest of those Dog avs are in the vendors, and updates are available.

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