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The Gallon Challenge

So the subject came up on Kaerwyn and StinaKitsune from the Freaky Furry Friends said there's no reason that it would be impossible to do. So we pretty much told her to take the Gallon Challenge, and I think she's going to do it on the next show (not the next one to update, I think that comes out tonight or something). She was supposed to do it yesterday but they never got around to getting a gallon of milk.

Now I'm curious if anyone reading this journal has attempted the "Gallon Challenge." Don't know what that is? Well, let me explain! The Gallon Challenge means you need to drink a gallon of milk within an hour, and keep it in for the next hour afterwards. Yeah, you have to keep from puking it up or you lose. I've heard some people can do it for the two hours, but end up puking afterwards. I think everyone pukes in the end.

Why does this happen? Well a lot of people think it's because of the amount of milk, but that's not it. It's the chemistry. I don't know the exact reason (Though I'm sure one of my readers will know and explain it in a reply) but basically the milk absorbs or neutralizes (or something) all the stomach acid. Within that hour your body doesn't have enough time to react. Thus, you can't digest the milk. You'll end up feeling really really sick and then puking sometime. I've heard this really starts to hit you after you've gotten through 3/4 of the gallon.

I can't take the test as milk and I don't mix /anyway/. bowtie thinks he can do it.

So any of you ever tried the Gallon Challenge? What were the results? And if anyone here decides to try it, lemme know what happened, I'm curious :]

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