Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,


These furries are hilarious. They just can't sstttaaannnddd it when someone has similar interests as them refuses to slap the "I'm a furry" label on themselves. Hey. Guys. Get over it.

If I'm a furry because I draw some anthros. Then you're all perverts because the furry community has perverts in it.

Yes, that's your logic. See how dumb it is? Your whole reasoning is based on #1. A slang term and #2. Stereotyping.

Want stereotyping? You're all fat, dirty, immature childlike adults, who live in your parents basements, socially inept, and wank off to badly drawn animals with boobs and dicks (on the same animal)*. If I'm a fur by your reasoning, you're that by the same reasoning. Understood?

Anyway I'm working on BT and Kaerwyn right now so I can't make a proper reply, but I thought I'd post this link anyway so you guys can get a good laugh in at how obsessively sad they are I'd have the link for later.


*Note: For you sensitive people that always try to read into everything, and read it incorrectly: I know this isn't true. Yes. I know some of you are nice, cool people. Yes. I'm proving a point. Thank you.

Edit: I noticed some postings there, you guys rock :] But I also noticed one of the mods there just piped up with this:

Just a note to please keep this topic civil and respectful. There is no need to insult or bash other members if you disagree with something they said. If you disagree with something or somebody, then please take it to a PM, email, or IM. Thanks.

Well then, Mr Moderator. I think you'll need to delete that whole thread, considering it's very premise is disrespectful. (But apparently it's okay if you're trying to suck others into the amoebus spooge filled blob that is the furry fandom).

Edit #2: Ranted in bitchcraft

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