Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Hmm. You love the big drama.

Thanks everyone for your comments on my last entry and my bitchcraft entry. They were informative and amusing.

A friend on Kaerwyn recently showed me this picture, since it was related to the whole she-bang: (It is safe for work) http://www.furaffinity.net/full/146149/

For people that don't feel like looking at it (Or FA is down .. again), it's a drawing of a KKK rally, with anti-fur propaganda, and some kind of anthro (Poorly drawn canid maybe?) in a KKK suit thinking to him/herself "I'm not a fur, I'm not a fur, I'm not a fur."

Their description:

I've heard there are some anthro artists out there who are torn between loving to draw anthro and hating the fandom they draw for. And are pretty vocal about it which they have the right to say whats on their mind.
Thing is, sure you have every right to hate whoever or whatever you want, but does that really change anything? You still draw anthro, lol!
The way I see it, EVERY group or genre has something embarrassing about them. Anime has to live down Loli porn, Germans have to live down WW2 (and the scat porn, yeesh!), Pee Wee Herman has to live down the theater issue, Christians have to apologize for Shirley Phelps Roper, etc. etc. The only reason we make fun of it is because we as a society focus on the negative for humor and entertainment purposes. There's no need to feel you have to hate yourself for the actions of a few...

Maybe this guy is on to something. The KKK doesn't care what you think. They want everyone to think the same way. They think they're right, everyone else is wrong, and equality is a farce. People shouldn't be allowed to think for themselves, they shouldn't have their own opinions, and they're not allowed to do their own thing.

So dear artist-of-this-picture, you've got it wrong. It's not the "Furry in Denial" that should be under that cowardly sheet. It's you.

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