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Full Circle

It's funny how things come full circle, yanno? I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. What are you looking at me like that for, yes I'm a capable of thought... sometimes.

First, the general musings. Has anyone else noticed the correlation between online belligerence and self esteem? I have, far too often. It seems like the people who are the rudest and get in the most fights are also the same people with severe self esteem/self worth issues. Far too often have I seen the insecure lash out because they're too damn sensitive, and took something the wrong way. /Far/ too often. It's petty, it's stupid, and it's worthless. Now I'm not saying everyone that bitches, fights, wails and moans are people lacking in the esteem department, but MANY of the people I've met online are. Recently I've been getting involved in "another community" which I shall not mention because... well simply put, they really don't have much self esteem, I don't want to piss them off.

I did not realize to the extent of their self esteem problems until I really took a closer look at their community, which is plagued with fights, bickering, sitebashing and other idiotic comments. Infact there's more bashing than worthwhile content on their forums and such. I /totally/ have to watch what I say around these people or they take it the wrong way, get defensive, and whine or lash out. That pisses me off, and then I have to work much much harder /not/ to offend them.

Although I seem to have this unique gift to offend people without cause or means. But anyway, I can't be someone's shoulder. I suck, I know. I've taken so much "whining" online and such that I literally explode when others whine to me. If you think whining to me will help you get your way, think again, it PISSES me off that much more. I refuse to be anyone's crutch and I hate having to watch what I say because other people don't have spines. Crap, this is turning into a rant, and I didn't mean that.

But anyway, from musings, we go to the reality of it all, well my reality... Bow and I drove to Greenville, SC last night. Why? We bought, yet another, car. Full Circle, almost 2 years ago, our 1995 Pontiac Firebird Convertible bit the big one... welll it bit a big tree and drank direct from a swamp. Either way the car was totalled... Full Circle: Meet our 1995 Pontiac Trans Am Convertible:

It's really Bow's belated X-Mas gift. He's been wanting one since we lost the last one. I hope this one lasts a little longer.

All fer now.

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