Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,


I think it's kind of funny now, I've gotten 4 emails/comments within the last few hours from Furries (probably the same person or a group) who are /whining/ at me not to stereotype furries.

I can't help but think a few things on this subject. First of all, they're right I Shouldn't be stereotyping anything. But a lot of what I said last week was pointing out the failures in stereotyping by stereotyping. But also I was lashing out with my standard brand of scathing, satirical comments. So for those of you offended by the stuff I said last week, well get over it. That was backlash and nothing was ever stated as how I really feel.

Secondly, I've learned a great deal about the furry community from this. I've actually gotten a lot of emails and comments from people who said they /tried/ to call themselves furries, and many furries bitched at them and told them that they couldn't be (The exact opposite problem I'm having with them.) What does this teach me? A note about furries and tolerance. It seems that everyone has to be completely tolerant of furries, their nature, their desires, their actions, their words, etc etc. But furries do /not/ have to be tolerant towards anyone else, especially non-furries. I'm wrong for not tolerating the label slapped on me. But they aren't wrong for not tolerating my opinion of it.

Third: If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. - I'm getting stereotyped by furries. And sometimes I lash out at the community as a whole (because this happens SO MUCH by SO MANY that I lump them all together as a matter of convenience.) If you don't like that, get over it. If what I'm saying doesn't apply to you, get over it. I see so much shit lately about the therian community and how retarded it is. Does that affect me? No. Unless it's directed at me personally, I get over it. Most likely because a lot of what they say is CORRECT.

Fourth: Your efforts are wasted on trying to get me to change my mind about the furry community. By the way you people neglected to read any of what I wrote anyway, so what you have to say means nothing to me. Read the whole thing, especially where I say that I know not all furries are this bad. It's because of you whiners that products have stupid warnings on them. I'm not going to caveat every stupid rant I write because "some people" might be offended or because "it doesn't apply to everyone in a particular group". Get over it. If you REALLY want to do something worthwhile, stop whining and start cleaning up your fucking community. You have a /well earned/ reputation. Try doing something about /that/ instead of trying to change *my* mind. I've been burned by too many furries to see past my own scars right now.

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