Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,


I went to the doc's yesterday because I've had this sinus infection for two weeks and I can't get it to go away via conventional methods. They actually didn't give me antibiotics this time around, which I'm kinda glad about because I hate taking them.

But they gave me some kind of uber decongestion medication. My face was swelling up a little before I went to the doc, but now the right side of my face is blow up like a balloon, just over my sinus, nose and lip on my right side. I feel like I"m wearing some kind of prosthetic feline mask the way my upper lip is sticking out. Though I think the swelling has gone down at little. I wasn't able to get on the comp at all yesterday because I was so dizzy and nauseous. And I did actually puke once. I'm thinking these pills are a little too much for me, but it said I might have these side effects for the first couple of days (joy). So I haven't eaten anything since Friday afternoon. I have been drinking slimfast, better than nothing.

Now my congestion is gone, but my face is still swollen and a little sore. I hope I don't hafta go to the doc's tomorrow for this, that would suck.

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