Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

A rundown of my weekend. (This is gross to some people)

Friday: In lots of pain from sinus pressure. Haven't slept in 2 days. Went begrudgingly to an "urgent care clinic" where all they take are walk-ins. Only place I really knew of in our area that would be able to see me almost immediately. Trying to get an appointment at a real doc on a friday afternoon ain't happenin'. Doc gave me decongestant, no antibiotics (despite sinus clog mucus was yellow/green). Face starting to swell on right side (The side of the sinus problem)

Friday Night: On drugs. Dizzy, Nauseous, Threw up once, couldn't sit upright at the computer, watched TV til I passed out. Sleeping was me tossing and turning every 10 minutes in a half awake/dead state.

Total food eaten: 1 McD's cheeseburger and some fries.

Saturday: Facial swelling much worse, starting to localize around nose. Could barely sit at computer for longer than a few hours. Managed to get in some RP to get Lore out of a situation I put her in a week prior. Sleeping was more tossing/turning made much more difficult by swelling.

Total food eaten: 2 chicken teriyaki sticks.

Sunday: Facial swelling had localized completely right under my nose, and started to form a tender lump on the underside of my upper lip. Having had an abscess a year ago, I immediately knew what it was. Surmised that somehow my sinus infection went from within the sinus to under my nose and is now sticking out the underside of my upper lip. Abscess + no antibiotics bad = go to doc again.

Total food eaten: half a tiny burger, no bun.

Monday morning: Didn't bother to try to sleep. Went to the doc first thing in the morning. I was told that I had a dental abscess and that a dentist would have to take care of it, they wouldn't do anything for me. I told the dude I don't have any healthcare, and he felt bad for me and gave me a bunch of free antibiotic samples they had on hand. I asked if this thing would burst on it's own (cuz it sure looked like it) and he said they usually don't. He said I could do it myself "If I could stand the pain". I know I"m not a trained medical person, but I generally know enough about general ailments (plus direct, first hand experience) to kind of tell what's going on. Dental abscess? No. I've heard those hurt like bloody murder and this thing didn't hurt at all at this point. I could even push on it and it didn't hurt too bad. Plus the pus was being fed from the right side of my nose down into this thing. I just think it happened to drain DOWN to my gums and that's where it started rearing it's ugly head.

As soon as I get home, I go to look at it myself (I couldn't before I left because our mirror is in our bedroom and turning the light on would wake Bow up.) So anyway I go check this thing out, which was about the size of the end of my pinky finger. I see a little drainage so I push a little and it bursts open and starts pouring down my mouth. Thankfully I was right there at the sink and started the whole process of push, rinse, push, rinse. About 20 minutes later I was fairly satisfied that I got it all, pushing down the right side of my nose, to my lip, and out my gum. It was icky, didn't really taste like anything I could describe right now, but smelled awful. I soaked my mouth in peroxide and even tried to put a little neosporin on it.

Took one of the antibiotic pills he gave me. I got on IRC and bitched, and then I laid down on the couch. I didn't want to wake Bow up again. About an hour later, I threw up. I think I lost the antibiotic, but I'm not sure. I took it with milk which is what the doc recommended. I'm afraid to take another one just incase I did manage to get it down. These pills are massive and powerful and taking two back to back is a bad idea I think. I really need to keep the next one down or call them back and ask for something less powerful that I can take twice a day instead.

Total food eaten: 1 teriyaki chicken strip, trying to down more food but stomach is not feeling the love.

Right now I'm really dizzy and having a hard time even reading what I'm writing here. So I'm prolly going to go and watch TV again or something. It sucks cuz I really do want to work on the comics and SL stuff (I haven't been able to work on anything in SL for like a week now cuz of all this). I think I could prolly draw the comics but doing the photoshop work is just out. I just don't think I'm capable of it right now. Maybe I"ll go draw a few pages, do all the 'paperwork' for them, and that'll give me a nice buffer that I can color and upload as I please when I'm feeling better.

Lesson learned: Found some actual Sinus specialists nearby because of all this mess. I'll be going to them in the future when this happens, no matter what the cost.

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