Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Time for my Steve Irwin Entry

Since LJ has been filled to the brim with Steve Irwin posts, I figured I'd post mine.

And for those of you thinking of replying to me, please try not to mock the dead. I know a lot of people didn't like him, I'm sure many people reading this didn't like him. So let's not be stupid and immature for mocking someone you didn't like after death. While he may have done some stupid things, making stupid comments make you no better.

My thoughts on Steve Irwin? He was annoying. I didn't really like him too much, other than, yeah, he was kinda funny. He was fun to parody. It's kind of hard to do that now that he's gone, it'll take a while I think before the world is ready for that again. He was definitely an icon of his time. I didn't like the way he manhandled animals. I'm fairly certain that he's hurt a lot of animals with his antics, especially the reptiles he's trying to protect. I mean, some of them are just fragile and he'd whip them around like chunks of meat. A lot of kids have gotten themselves seriously injured trying to repeat what they saw from him.

He was not a good role model for his actions. He was an excellent role model for his message. If there's one thing Irwin did was bring about awareness for animal conservation, especially for the 'not so cute and fluffy' animals we share the world with. For that he has my respect and admiration. He also went out doing what he loved, which I can say, is the best way to go.

I do feel very sorry for his wife and his kids. It's a pity he wasn't a little more careful. It's hard to get a fatal hit from a stingray, but leave it to Irwin to pull that off too.

You know what they say, when you take on the bull, you get the horns.

Farewell, Irwin. CRIKEY.

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