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It's funny the things guilt and paranoia make us think. Normal statements are turned into personal attacks, reading between the line means finding hidden insults... It really is amazing what people do when they think someone's attacking them. But what if they aren't?

Well this has to do with my last post, which was little more than my observation and comments about a community, which I didn't mention the name of. But their guilt made them assume I was talking about them. And then they weren't too happy with my observation of their lack of self esteem... Wah. My heart bleeds.

Well it basically turned into a big rantfest whereas all they managed to accomplish was prove me right. Not only did they sitebash, but they also mindlessly insulted, wouldn't listen to reason, and pulled illogical and immature statements out of their ass in an attempt to insult. That's right folks, you have to be Native American to be a were! If not, you're just a poser! We'll ignore the fact that the celts belived in animal spirtiuality, in which I discovered that the dragon is a sign of infertility (Well that explains something ;). We'll also ignore the African tribes that believed in animal mysticysm, Oh and the druids, and the mayans, and the aboriginees, and Oh and definitely the norse, you have to forget them too if you want to make this ignorant statement really work.

I also discovered that some of them didn't actually read my post, they just got misinformation from others. This is exactly the kind of thing that ruins potential friendships and whatnot. If you have a problem with someone, take it up with them! Don't just bash them behind their backs, that's cowardly and immature. If you think you misinterpretted something (which it's obvious some people DO) then ask for an explanation. LEARN NOT TO TAKE THINGS TO HEART! Just ask yourself, "What's any of this going to matter in 100 years?" Not a damn thing! So instead of getting stressed out and starting fights, why don't you spend a little extra effort and talk reasonably. When you lash out, you get nothing but pain from both sides. Is that really what you want? Some would have to answer "yes" so it seems.

I just thought it was amazing that they kept bringing up the self esteem thing over and over again. And naturally everytime they said it, I couldn't help but think .o(Wow, that must have struck a nerve worse than I thought). Oh well, I'm not giving up on them yet, afterall we do share a common interest, although I admit mine interest isn't as strong as theirs. I'll always be a casual observer in their "community".

Once again in my attempt not to piss people off I failed... Oh well, life goes on... cept for people who dwell on it... >:)

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