Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

SL Drama!

And here I thought the SL Drama well dried up! I haven't gotten anything in so long and then BAM, repeat asshole.

For the record, I noticed this guy was in the group emofurs. Boy, that is an understatement folks.

Now this kid, I didn't post his name last time cuz I only do that when someone is either trying to scam me or be a total jerk. Total jerk is right.

I originally ranted about the kid here: http://jakkal.livejournal.com/214070.html Yeah, he was one of the assholes that decided to get on my case for my birthday. Yet another person that completely disrespects our policy.

Well now he's gone and dunnit again!

Well today he sent me this email:

Hi, I brought a werewolf avatar back in October, 2005 (12th) therefor I am
requesting an update since according to your rules I am elligable for one.
My ingame name is Crimson Divine. I prefer to be contacted in Second Life
due to the fact that I don't check my emails that regularly.

My reply: The Werewolf V2 Avatar update was only available between January and June. We stopped offering the updates in early June.

This is true. The werewolf update was also not free, I bet he didn't know that either. I bet he'd throw a fucking hairy stink about it if he learned that. But I had to set up a special vendor and everything to give out the updates. It was a major waste of time for me, and a total pain in the ass. I hated doing it. But we kept it up for 6 months so hopefully everyone would have a chance to get their avatar. It was up in my store with large signs. I posted it on the forums. I posted it on my own forums. I also posted it as a notice in our update-info group.

What's his response? Prepare to roll your eyes!

[19:53] Crimson Divine: Well thanks for not informing me >_>

You're welcome. Again, blaming me for him not being informed when we did everything possible to make sure everyone knew save IMing (spamming) every individual. I'm not going to do that, sorry. Not only is that a waste of time, but most people wouldn't want me to spam them everytime something comes up. That's what the group is for. That is completely voluntary.

[19:55] Crimson Divine: Ya know Jakkal, no offense but I think your services to your customers is utter bullshit. First you told me I couldn't have an update for the wolf I brought from you which you KNOW can be proven THEN you tell me I can't have the werewolf updated either
[19:56] Crimson Divine: although you should have that on record for sure since your notecard clearly states if it was brought in October it would be recorded and the owner would be entitled to an update. Personally I am quite sick of this nonsense and not once have and had
[19:56] Crimson Divine: such crap from anyone else in my 2 years experiance of SL. I am so dissapointed in you to be frankly honest, I thought you were more of a person than that.

My Reply: Please don't buy anymore avatars from me. I'd rather not have to deal with the attitudes of people who disrespect our policy.

I'm sick of dealing with this shit over avatars that are only worth a couple of bucks.

Oop, more replies!

[20:10] Crimson Divine: Oh I'll do more than that, I'll gladly let people know exactly how you treat customers
[20:11] Crimson Divine: Funnily enough I'm not the only one who seems to have recieved such bad service from you and not to mention your attitude stinks and thats one true rumor also

My reply:
Please, feel free. You're not the first and not the last. Also remind them how we go out of our way to inform everyone of new avatars and updates. Also please inform them that we have the policy and update guidelines clearly posted in our store. Also inform them of how you treat the owners of stores when you discuss such matters with them. I mean, c'mon, you want to pretend you're the better man, that you're more fair. You need to give the full story, right? But unless you want people calling you a hypocrite, you should probably tone down your attitude as well. It's not welcome.

Ooh, lookie, he just posted a vote on the update group! Drama!

Crimson Divine has proposed to vote in Second Life.
Don't buy Jakkal's avatars, she's nothing but a caniving self centered bullshitter! I bought a werewolf avatar from her in October and she refuses to update it and I also bought a wolf from her and she refuses to update that. In your face Jakkal!
[20:14] Crimson Divine: Crimson Divine has left the group 'Realmscapes'.

Check out that hotsome hit and run! In my face indeed!

Edit: He just won't stop...

[20:17] Crimson Divine: Actually they'd probably agree with how I handled it since I asked nicely and respectfully and all you ever gave me was bullshit refusels both times

Let the record show...

[20:17] Crimson Divine: Last time I backed off and accepted what you said, this time I think you're just talking out of your god damn ass! Oh and you should be reminding yourself that if it wasn't for customers like me you'd be a fucking nobody!

AAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! Wow, fucking ego much?

[20:18] Crimson Divine: And don't give me that crap about how I've treated you, all I have to do is mention your very name and everyone knows without me even saying what happened

There's no such thing as bad press on the internet. You go around spreading hatred, emo, whining and bitching. I provide a service and offer avatars for sale, whether or not people like me. Which one is more productive?

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