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Eggdrop Hijenks

Well, as many of you know, we have an Eggdrop bot (IRC Bot) up on Kaerwyn's RP that we use as a bartender. The typical script goes "Barkeep get me a bottle of Dr Pepper" and then she says "*Fyrewolf grumblegrowls while getting Jakkal a bottle of Dr Pepper."

Well we decided that just being an emotionless barkeep kinda sucked and we wanted to play around with, dun dun dunnnnnn, AI scripts. I thought I'd share some of the more amusing things she said.

[00:13] <Fyrewolf> \o/ sodomy
[00:13] <Maxzillian> lol
[00:13] <`Eidolon> ... THat's just wrong.
[00:13] <`Noah> Fyre?!

[00:06] * Kash` screws Fyre.
[00:06] <Fyrewolf> i do love a good screwing

[23:42] * TerriLee gives Fyre a sharp knife
[23:42] <Fyrewolf> Mmmmm sharp knife. zort!

[23:40] <Jakkal> bitch how do you feel?
[23:40] <Fyrewolf> drugs. Gotta be drugs.
[23:40] <Corradas> Why am I not surprised?
[23:40] <Fyrewolf> aliens
[23:40] <Renard> The Aliens took Corradas?
[23:41] <Fyrewolf> I can't tell you that.
[23:41] <Renard> That explains... so much.

[23:31] <Renard> oops.
[23:31] <Fyrewolf> YOU INCOMPETENT FOOL!

[23:31] <Maxzillian> oops
[23:31] <Fyrewolf> moron

[23:28] <Fyrewolf> cumcatcher
[23:29] <TristanRant> lol
[23:29] <Maxzillian> lol

[00:13] * f0xx0rz nizzles fyrewolf's shizzles
[00:13] <Fyrewolf> ~rarr~

[00:07] * Lt_Reid punishes fyre by trapping her in VCL
[00:07] <Fyrewolf> A thousand thankyous.

[00:02] <f0xx0rz> fyrewolf should suck an egg
[00:02] <Lt_Reid> You suck fyre, you bitch!
[00:02] <Renard> What do you think of their feeble attempts to mock you, Fyrewolf?
[00:02] <Fyrewolf> Nothing.

[00:00] * Lt_Reid gives Fyre Steve Irwin
[00:01] <Fyrewolf> *squeaky*

[00:00] <Renard> Where will you go, Fyre?
[00:00] <Fyrewolf> on the desk
[00:00] * Renard chuckles.
[00:00] <f0xx0rz> lol
[00:00] <TerriLee> Whoa
[00:00] * `Eidolon grabs a towel and cleans up the mess. "So the bot's not potty trained...

[23:56] * TerriLee kicks Fyrewolf in the shin
[23:56] <Fyrewolf> blblblblbl
[23:56] <Jakkal> Are you okay fyre?
[23:56] <Fyrewolf> moist knickers

[23:52] <Jakkal> stupid bot
[23:52] <Fyrewolf> You know, I think you say that just to hide the fact that you're not the sharpest tool in the box either.

[23:12] <Fyrewolf> BLAM

[18:47] <Jakkal> fyre has personality now.
[18:47] <Jakkal> If raving psycho counts
[18:47] <Jakkal> right fyre?
[18:47] <Fyrewolf> It wasn't me.
[18:47] <Jakkal> Surre

[18:45] <Lonemage> ouch
[18:45] <Fyrewolf> Awww.
[18:45] * Fyrewolf rubs Lonemage better

[18:38] <Jakkal> does it turn you on fyre?
[18:38] <Fyrewolf> not without lubricant
[18:38] <Jakkal> O.O
[18:38] <Kash`> LOL

[00:25] * `Noah sundaes Fyre.
[00:25] <Fyrewolf> *boing*
[00:25] <`Noah> *snerk*

[02:16] <Fyrewolf> Oh my god! There's an axe in my head.

[02:58] <Fyrewolf> ghay'cha'! nachwIjDaq betleH tu'lu'!
[03:03] <Jakkal> omg, she knows Klingon!

[06:59] <Tessemer> WEREWOLF
[06:59] <Tessemer> I'm not gonna give up. 8)
[06:59] <Tessemer> werewolf
[06:59] <Tessemer> Werewolf!
[06:59] <Fyrewolf> Wheeeee Werewolf.
[06:59] <Tessemer> YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[06:59] <Tessemer> I LOVE YOU FYRE!
[06:59] * Tessemer HUGS Fyre.
[06:59] *** Tessemer was kicked by Fyrewolf (flood)
[06:59] <Fyrewolf> ;)
[06:59] <`Lorelei> LOL
[06:59] <Lt_Reid> LOL!!

[07:09] <Tessemer> Fyre: Why do you only watch one channel at a time?
[07:09] <Fyrewolf> sunspots
[07:09] <`Lorelei> random much?
[07:09] <Fyrewolf> Omg yes.

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