Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Here's a live one.

Haven't had anything "fun" to report from SecondLife for a while.

But then I got this PM. Name removed because they really didn't do anything wrong (other than pointless nitpickery).

[6:48] Name Removed: just lookin at your lil stand full of different avi's and noticed that u hade some jaguar avi's witch i would love to have purchased but the fur is not jaguar print. i know it may be hard to make it perfect but this is barely close.
[6:49] Name Removed: just thought i'd let ya know

My reply:

I'd have to disagree with you sir, we use many photo references in our avatar designs to get them as close to realistic as possible. In the future, if you'd like to assist an artist with their work, it would help for you to give them more information, such as Why you believe it doesn't look like a jaguar print. The only conclusion I can make is that you cannot see the back of the avatar, where the rosettes are much more prominment (besides the front which is obviously unique to jaguars with the nature of the large spots and the pattern around the neck). I've sent a screenshot of the backside of the tawny jaguar just to show you how it looks.


Now the thing that irks me is not that he gave a nastygram on the avatar, (Pretty much insulting my work). The thing that annoys me is that this is a useless critique. We artists get this all the time, and usually it's from some ignorant 'tard or nitpicking bastard. A lot of times when we get some note like this, the artist did not live up to their expectations (And why should we?).

No, what bothers me is that he just declares that the avatar is not realistic as a jaguar "not even close". I use photoreferences for all my avatars. I'm not saying they're dead on perfect, infact I am hardly a perfectionist. However this avatar very close to a generic jaguar as I could get photoreferences for. What I *need* from him to make this not a stupid, useless comment is to tell me exactly /why/ he thinks it's "not even close". Are the spots the wrong pattern? Is the coat the wrong color? Does it not match the countless furry artists who have no idea what a jaguar coat looks like? Can you not tell the difference between a jaguar and a leopard?

Really guys, I don't mind people critiquing my work, but you can't just throw me your opinions. They're meaningless! You need to tell me specifics, otherwise your comments are useless, degrading, and insulting.

Should I just assume you're the expert on jaguars or should I assume you're some nitpicking bastard that likes to make wild accusations about an artist's work? Well considering you didn't tell me how I fucked up, I get to assume you're the latter.

I can't find the exact reference pics I used, but here's some to just show.

The front and back of my avatar:

Photos of real jaguars:

And for comparison's sake, the leopard avatar:

Perfect? No. Close? Wouldn't you say?

Is this something you guys would say is "Not even close?"

Xposting this to artrant

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