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More Botly Fun

* Fyrewolf is away: taking the guinea pig for a walk

Fyrewolf: waCHOO *sniff*

Andie: What's wrong with working, Fyrewolf?
Fyrewolf: Nothing.
Andie: Really?
* Fyrewolf looks shifty.

Griff: Do you like gryphons Fyrewolf?
Fyrewolf: Medium-rare.
Griff: Ayeee!
* Griff runs

Fyrewolf: Death comes to those who wait.

Lt_Reid: Stupid bot
Fyrewolf: I only have 1s and 0s. You don't seem to be doing so hot with the rest of the numbers

[07:14] Fyrewolf: Netto-kun: I'm feeling a little horny, happy :)
[07:14] Netto-kun: Want me to take care of the former of those two, Fyre?
[07:14] Fyrewolf: only when you win the lottery
[07:14] Netto-kun: ...rejected by a bot...

[07:35] * Tessemer gives Fyre the warmth of a hot young wolf.
[07:35] Fyrewolf: mmmm warmth of a hot young wolf.
[07:35] `Lorelei: LOL
[07:35] Lt_Reid: lol

I adopted a cute lil' death fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

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