Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

The Fable of the Lost Werewolf

No, it's not as cool as the subject makes it out to be. I got another SL IMfest to share with you, my loyal readers!


This is long, so it gets a happy cut.

Of course my comments are in Italics.

[21:26] Kyle Crispien: Hey I purchsed that werewolf AV on slexchange. The 2600L one. And accpeted it but the SL prob is inventory losses. They told me to contact the maker... and thats you
[21:26] Kyle Crispien: :D

Okay, the inventory disapperance bug. Everyone knows of that right? I've had a hell of a time trying to help people find their missing objects when this hits. So it's not new, although... the Lindens fixed that a couple of weeks ago. But they did say they wouldn't know for sure if it worked for everyone. Either way I check my emails. Nope, nothing from Slexchange for him.

I go to slexchange.com and check the sales records there. Nope, nothing.

At this point I get a sneaking suspicion that ... He didn't buy a werewolf avatar! This would make it in my LJ.

[21:29] Jakkal Dingo: I can't find any record of the purchase.
[21:29] Kyle Crispien: Huh? It was on slexchange I put it on everything even god I bought it

Yeah? Sure it was *MY* $2600L werewolf?

[21:30] Jakkal Dingo: Do you have an alt account that you bought it on?
[21:31] Kyle Crispien: I know for a fact I bought it
[21:32] Kyle Crispien: come on you got to believe me

Red Alert! R..r..r..Red Alert. Scam in Progress.

[21:33] Kyle Crispien: omg
[21:34] Jakkal Dingo: I'm sorry, I can't find any record of any sales to it.
[21:34] Jakkal Dingo: *To you
[21:34] Kyle Crispien: Im serious with everything on me I bought it
[21:34] Kyle Crispien: On SLexchange

Of course on Slexchange, makes it harder for me to trace it to you, neh? WRONG!

[21:34] Jakkal Dingo: I'd suggest taking it up with the people that run slexchange then. There's nothing I can do without records.

Giving the kid the benefit of the doubt. Even though the odds are stacked against him, If he was telling the truth, maybe he could talk to the people that run slexchange. Afterall, I have no records of it, maybe they do?

So almost an hour passes. Maybe he was scheming, trying to find a way to make me believe him.

I'm surprised he didn't try the old "Snapshot of a friend with the av". Obviously he doesn't know anyone with the avatar.

[22:22] Kyle Crispien: Nah. I know for a fact I bought it
[22:22] Kyle Crispien: I don't lie


[22:22] Jakkal Dingo: I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do without a record of the sale.

That's our policy folks.

[22:23] Kyle Crispien: Come on. You have to believe me
[22:23] Kyle Crispien: Im putting it on god and im cathloc
[22:23] Kyle Crispien: catholic*

Someone's going to hell...

[22:23] Jakkal Dingo: No actually, I don't, because everything I've got tells me you never bought the avatar.

Time for the classic Jakkal Smackdown™. I'm not wasting anymore of my time on this twit.

[22:23] Kyle Crispien: Like I told you

You told me you don't lie. Talk is cheap.

[22:23] Jakkal Dingo: Plus what you're saying doesn't make any sense.
[22:23] Kyle Crispien: SL is having a probleam

Real easy to blame SL. Very convenient scam tactic, wouldn't you say?

[22:23] Kyle Crispien: What doesnt make sense?

Read: Tell me how I fucked up so I can try to swindle you further by giving stupid excuses and explanations.

[22:24] Jakkal Dingo: I know of the missing inventory problem. First the Lindens have fixed it. Secondly, if you bought the avatar, you'd have a backup. If you actually bought it, you'd know what I'm talking about.
[22:25] Jakkal Dingo: In addition, the missing inventory bug doesn't make you lose whole folders, only individual parts. Plus SLexchange both emails me and IMs me in world, which causes SL to email me when I get a sale. In addition tothat Slexchange keeps records.
[22:26] Kyle Crispien: Dude im not lieing

What is he? A bot that just repeats shit over and over? Next he's going to say "You have to believe me!"

[22:26] Jakkal Dingo: Please stop wasting my time. It's obvious to me that you never bought the avatar. You know the truth, and I know the truth.

Well it's been almost 20 minutes and he hasn't replied to that yet. If he does, I'll be sure to edit this.

Even though it was a waste of time, it was fun, knowing it would end up here.

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