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EGHS Fundraisers

EGHS being "Eastern Guilford High School" of course. EGHS burned down last week and the school was a total loss. They've had to split up the students in two groups, and send them off to two different schools - 9th-10th graders go to the old School of the Deaf in Browns Summit, NC, (ironically that was closer to my parents house than EGHS is) and 11th-12th graders are being sent to GTCC (Guilford Tech) for Noon-6pm classes. Talk about tough scheduling.

They aren't expecting to get the new school built til 2009. Ouch. Pity FEMA can't send them out a bunch of trailer classrooms to use in the meantime. But oh well. When I went to EGHS, I'd be pretty upset about splitting us up into groups. I don't know about other HS's but our classes were mixed generation. We had a lot of people from the various years in our classes. I remember I couldn't take AP Studio art with the rest of the seniors because I was taking AP Physics at the same time. They allowed me to take AP Studio Art by myself during Art I classes, which is mostly freshman. I got to teach them what I knew of art, so I was a sort of TA. It was fun and great (And almost pushed me to becoming an art teacher myself).

I know a lot of people probably think I'm taking it too hard. But you have to understand, we were a family. The school was very small, and we were all very close-knit. EGHS only had 700 students when I attended. We all pretty much knew each other. Sure there were problems, but almost everyone had that "Wildcat spirit" about them. And even now you can see it as the Alumni come together to try to help these kids. But I really do feel like I've lost an old friend.

Anyway, they're looking for assistance because a lot of stuff wasn't covered in the school's insurance policy (Which at least will cover the building of a new school). But you know that teachers end up footing the bill for a lot of the stuff they have, to help them teach. Well all that went down in flames.

Here's some info on helping out: http://www.gcsnc.com/

They've released a list of supplies they need fairly quickly. http://www.wfmynews2.com/news/supplies_list_eghs.pdf

I'm trying to do my part as well with a small fundraiser on SecondLife. I built a special "Wildcat Avatar". I remember when I attended EGHS, no one was sure if the "Wildcat" was a bobcat or if it was some kind of Lynx. Sometimes they used pics of Tigers, or Caracals, or even cougars. Pretty much it was whatever "Clipart would fit". The "Wildcat" then turned into a sort of mix of Bobcat and some of these other animals. But anyway, this is essentially a bobcat with some lynx-like hints in it.

I made some special clothes for it as well (And those are sold separately too if you don't want the whole av). Anyway, just check out the pic. If you like it, buy it. All the money we get from that avatar and the clothes will go directly to EGHS. You can get them at our stores in Therianation, FurNation Omega, Bruin, and in the Black Ops shop in Fiddler's Green. Slurl to Therianation: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Therianation/205/214/23/

Click for a full size pic

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