Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Return of the Lost Werewolf

So I get this...

[19:57] Kyle Crispien: Dawg give me my AV
[19:57] Kyle Crispien: I bet you 1000000Lindens that i bouht one
[19:57] Kyle Crispien: go look

22 minutes prior:

Dear Jakkal Dingo,

Congratulations! An item you have listed on the SL Exchange Marketplace has been sold! See below for details.


SL Exchange

Sale details:
Sale ID: ********
Buyer: ****** (This was likely an alt, but x-ed it out just incase)
Delivered To: Kyle Crispien
Item Name: The WereHouse: Male Werewolf!

My reply to his IM:

Congratulations. You've learned how to purchase things the honest way. I salute you, sir. I would advise using that particular method to get things in SL. It's much easier for both buyer and seller.

Edit: Oop, this is ongoing...

[20:01] Kyle Crispien: you owe me I told you
[20:01] Kyle Crispien: Dude I have already bought it

My reply (Note that I'm not on SL right now, I'm replying via email:
Owe you what? You paid, and got the item. That's how, you know, buying stuff in SL works.

[20:11] Kyle Crispien: the bet you ass

My reply:
I didn't bet you anything. In addition, it's hardly fair to finally buy it, and then bet that you bought it. I bet you 1,000,000L that you bought it too. Oh, I see you did. You owe me.

[20:16] Kyle Crispien: Dude. Don't you know how to joke around?

My Reply:
Yessir. I know a joke when I see one. (I'm talking to one now).

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