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So this one is different...

I'm working on a "set" for BT when I get this PM out of the blue... I have removed the name because they didn't do anything wrong, they were just frantic and not listening to reason.

My commentary in italics

[17:05] Some Newb: I bought a cutiebunny and the box came without hair or a head.

Okay so whenever someone IMs me about an avatar, first thing I do is check the records, find out exactly what they bought, and check to see what the problem is myself. "cutiebunny" was weird, but you know furries, they have strange terms they use sometimes. I didn't think anything of it.

But during this whole 30 second check...

[17:06] Some Newb: please don't ignore this because i can see people losing money for an avatar that doesn't give the head and hair, i mean come on think of all the people who could report you. Im just saying can i get my pink hair and head for my cutiebunny av? ipaid500L!

So everything she said made no sense to me. AND she's threatening to REPORT ME? EXCUSE ME?! I don't sell ANY avatars for $500L anymore. My rabbit av has no hair, let alone PINK.

[17:07] Jakkal Dingo: I'm not ignoring you, I was scouring my records. I have no records for a sale to you. I think you might have me mixed up with another vendor.
[17:07] Jakkal Dingo: I don't sell any avatars for $500L, and mine don't come with any hair.
[17:07] Some Newb: it says your the owner
[17:08] Jakkal Dingo: Where did you buy it?
[17:08] Some Newb: Northstar
[17:08] Jakkal Dingo: I don't have any stores there. Was it a yard sale?
[17:08] Some Newb: No, this is northstar were they have many things not a yard sale
[17:09] Jakkal Dingo: Could you check your sales record under World -> Account HIstory and see who the money went to?
[17:09] Jakkal Dingo: Because I have the feeling someone sold you a box.
[17:10] Some Newb: aka creator

Okay, stupid newb isn't fucking listening. I'm trying to help this stupid cunt, and wasting my time doing so. Why? I don't fucking know. Let her report me, and the lindens will go "You stupid twat, that's not her av." Actually the Lindens will do nothing, as they are wont to do.

[17:12] Jakkal Dingo: Please check your records, sir. This is a well known scam, and I think you just became a victim of it. None of our avatars are transferable. I believe someone sold you one of our boxes, without the avatar in it.

You guys should know by now that when I dish out the "Sir" that I'm condescendingly pissed off

[17:12] Jakkal Dingo: If it's not from a werehouse vendor, it's not one of ours.
[17:12] Some Newb: its inside a building second floor
[17:12] Jakkal Dingo: If you check your account history, it will tell you who the money went to, and you can possibly send an abuse report to the lindens about it.
[17:12] Some Newb: i got a box with everything but the head and hair
[17:14] Jakkal Dingo: Okay. Sir. Please Listen to me. If you want me to help you, go to https://secondlife.com/account/transactions.php
[17:14] Jakkal Dingo: See where the money went. That is your scammer. We do *not* sell any avatars outside of our vendors.
[17:15] Some Newb: your saying its a scammer?

So I go there myself to see what's going on.

[17:17] Some Newb: see?

He or She, guess it was a she, is wearing a pink cartoonlike rabbit.

[17:17] You: that's not my avatar
[17:17] Some Newb: but it says your the owner
[17:17] Some Newb: Creator*

I'm looking around and I see the vendor she bought it from. I check that, my name isn't on it anywhere. So now I've got this feeling... the unpacker script. A lot of people use mine in their stuff boxes. And a lot of people are too stupid to realize that people who write unpacker scripts are likely not the person that made the shit in the box.

[17:17] You: creator of what exactly?
[17:18] You: this is our rabbit

I put our rabbit on to show her

[17:18] Some Newb: unpacker-W/Owner

Ding ding ding ding. We have a winner.

[17:18] You: Ah they're using the script we use
[17:18] You: The person that owns the vendor is ********
[17:18] Some Newb: Oh, then they are scamming me of a head and hair

Oops.. did I say that? Well I thought it was a scammer at first, I didn't think anyone would be THIS STUPID.

[17:19] You: well, they might have accidentally left it out of the box. Did it come in a box or did it give you a folder?
[17:19] Some Newb: it gave me a box which i took the folder and when i put it all on i notices it had no head or hair
[17:19] You: okay put the box back down on the ground real quick, I bet the head is in there but the perms are bad
[17:20] You: nope, you're right, there's no head in there
[17:21] Some Newb: or hair
[17:21] You: yeah, contact *******, she made the avatar apparently.
[17:21] Some Newb: well i dunno they seem to be offline forever

Well what the fuck do you want me to do about that you stupid twat? Pull the avatar out of my ass magically because I control all avatars on SL?!?!

[17:22] You: Can't help you there.
[17:22] You: That's about all you can do really.
[17:23] Some Newb: what kind of bunnys do you sell?
[17:23] You: nothing cartoonlike, we only have black, brown, piebald and white
[17:23] Some Newb accepted your inventory offer.
[17:24] You: that's our main store if you wanna check 'em out
[17:24] Some Newb: k
[17:24] Some Newb: i hope this owner gives me the head and hair
[17:24] You: hope so too
[17:24] You: sorry for the confusion, they apparently got our script from our free stuff box
[17:25] Some Newb: ya i guess i wont use the scripting for whos responsiable for stuff like this

They can be taught, folks!

[17:25] You: yeah most people can't script, like me, hehe
[17:25] You: best thing to do is take one of the parts and see who made it, or check the vendor to see who owns it
[17:26] You: Anyway I gotta run, I'm on a timetable at the moment. And I'm running late.
[17:27] Some Newb: okay

OY. The shit I go through on SL.
Tags: idiots, sl

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