Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

This is my scheming face...

So far, the Wildcat avatar has raised over $100. Well, mostly that's from a very generous donator that gave a lot to the cause.

But there has to be more ways to help raise money. And I realize that this is a one person cause. No one cares but me. I've lost touch with all my friends from my high school. So I'm alone in my mourning.

I emailed my AP Physics teacher last night. It was his room where the fire started. He originally caught the blaze that started during his lunch-hour. He tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher, but it was too late, too far gone. His actions, I believe, helped save all the students in the school. But in any case, the school lost all their supplies, in addition, the students lost /all their notes/. I'm sending them my old Chemistry and Physics notebooks and books from HS and NCSU. If anyone has any "Non Calculus" physics notes, they can use 'em. You can send them to me. I'll give info if anyone needs it. Actually the school could probably use notes from just about any class. Textbooks would be helpful as well. ANd if any of you are teachers or have access to teachers, prints of lesson plans, lab work, stuff like that would definitely be useful.

Now I have another idea to help raise money, and this would be to the other artists that read this journal. I've seen other people try this and I don't know how successful these things turn out, but I'm going to try anyway. The Wildcat Country portfolio, potentially one of those card decks too. Here's what I need: Volunteer artists to make pictures of Anthro and nonanthro "Wildcats" (Which has always been described as looking like the bastard child of a lynx and a bobcat. Lots of artistic freedom there). Would anyone be interested in helping out? You wouldn't get paid for this work, but I'll do my best to pimp your shit everywhere that can be pimped. All the money earned from such a thing would go first to the costs of printing, and then the rest goes to EGHS directly. I would also need someone who has experience making one of these portfolio or card sets to help me out, tell me what needs to be done, etc. In short, I need a project manager with experience to oversee the project for me.

Would anyone be interested in helping me out?

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