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I got in: http://www.artspots.com/users/jakkal

I guess I was expecting yerf-like criticism. I didn't get a redline or anything. Infact the only crit I got was that my work was too photo realistic.

Weirdest review I've ever gotten.

Now for a little artist ego trip. This is going to piss some people off. Hell, when I've called myself an amatuer artist in the past, I got flamed for it. WTF. Well whatever, this is my journal.

My artistic ego is not up to par with my art. I have low artist self esteem. I mean, not as in, if someone makes fun of me I'll whine, cry, and stop drawing. I don't care about what other people think. It's more about, how I feel about my own work. They say we are our own work critics. I think I would have failed myself many times over. I was expecting a really harsh assessment of how my work sucks. I've seen a few people on my friends list here, people I Thought for sure would have gotten in, but they were rejected.

I /am/ a self taught amateur artist. I'm generally a lazy person, but I will work on a painting over and over again until it looks right to me. Though at some point I will give up and say 'eh, looks good enough".

I certainly didn't think I was going to get in artspots, and even moreso, get away without any critique. That blows me away.

I'm glad they do their reviews in private. Supposedly the reviewers can't even see each others reviews. I like that, a lot. I noticed on Yerf it seemed that the reviewers were cliquing with each other. It was almost as if they were afraid to say what they were thinking, as opposed to what the person before them said. I found yerf's review system didn't work very well. It made people angry about the public review (Even though that's not something Yerf had control over) and of course started a lot of the naysaying about Yerf. A lot of people on yerf, in turn, reacted in a very childish and immature 'nazi' and 'elite' type response. The general childishness I saw on Yerf turned me off it (Even though I was supposed to be a reviewer the month after yerf croaked).

One thing I never understood is, what is the point of redlining a finished piece? It's not going to help them with it, it's finished! Then again I have a general rule not to touch my finished pieces, even if they're flawed. The flaws remind me to work harder next time. Redlining specific pieces that are done isn't going to help me in the future. Telling someone to work on posture isn't going to help them either. Giving them sites and book recommendations (which I've heard Artspots does), will help a lot.

Maybe that's just me, but I won't give a redline/crit unless someone asks for it. I'm the same way, I don't want redlines and crits unless I ask for them. Why? Because no one ever tells me anything I don't already know. In addition, no one ever tells me how to improve upon my faults. Pointing out faults is useless folks, telling people how to fix them is invaluable.

And one thing I've noticed, once you get to my stage of art (I know that sounds pompous, I don't know how else to explain it) people come out of the woodwork to point out every flaw and problem with a piece. Do they really think we don't know about them? I guess they think if we can make art look good, we should be able to make art look perfect. It's like once you start hitting these cieling of 'really really good artist', everyone needs to take potshots at you to make you feel as awful as they do about their work. Why? Really folks, pointing out flaws in other people's art is retarded unless you can back it up with helpful hints and assistance.

And this whole post started because I didn't get a crit. I'm fucked up, yeah. A lot of this has been stewing in my head for a while now, so now seemed like a good time to post on it.

Anyway, aspiring artists, check out http://www.jaxpad.com and http://www.artspots.com . They've finally filled the clean anthro art niche, without the elitist bullshit.

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