Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

This month seems to be one of sadness

I think I've witnessed one of the Saddest Things Ever™.

I let the dogs out when I got up today, like I always do. Last night we had a really really bad thunderstorm. It blew the bird feeder off the deck, blew the grill cover off the grill, and left a lake in our front yard. So anyway, I let the dogs out, and I'm looking around to see if the storm did anything else, and I notice a little dark grey form on some plastic bins we have outside to keep firewood in.

On the top bin, hunkered down under the lip of the roof of the house, was a little dark grey bird. I'm not sure what the species is. I'd take a pic but my camera's battery is too low. I knew it was dead already. It would have at least moved when I let the dogs out. I went to investigate and it was in this position that seems like it was scared to death, freezing cold, and waiting to die. I'm not sure if that was the case, but that was the general appearance of it's posture and position. I think that the bird likely got caught in the winds last night and hit the side of the house, and sort of died there after trying to get upright again.

Poor little birdie. Of course the biologist in me wants to pick it apart now. :P

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